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A light pipe used for backlighting liquid crystal displays has a planar front surface and a stair-stepped or faceted back surface. Light is injected from the ends of the light pipe from cold- or hot-cathode, apertured, fluorescent lamps. The cold-cathode lamps are preferably insulated to raise their ...

Gregory A Duffey: Method for attaching through-hole devices to a circuit board using solder paste. Compaq Computer Corporation, Christopher D Keirs, July 14, 1992: US05129573 (57 worldwide citation)

A process is disclosed from mounting through-hole components having closely-spaced electrical leads to a printed board (PCB) using solder paste. The process comprises applying conventional solder paste to alternating through-holes in an array of through-holes, inserting the through-hole component, a ...

Paul R Culley: Personal computer having normal and high speed execution modes. Compaq Computer Corporation, J David Cabello, Christopher D Keirs, May 30, 1989: US04835681 (56 worldwide citation)

A personal computer is disclosed having a high speed microprocessor which executes in either a FAST mode or a SLOW mode application programs written for a slow speed microprocessor. The slow speed microprocessor contains a pre-fetch queue that is smaller than the pre-fetch queue of the high speed mi ...

Paul R Culley: System for fast selection of non-cacheable address ranges using programmed array logic. Compaq Computer Corporation, Christopher D Keirs, February 25, 1992: US05091850 (55 worldwide citation)

A fast logic system for decoding addresses for the purpose of designating areas of memory as non-cacheable is disclosed. The logic system is based on a programmable array logic having as inputs selected address lines, certain switch settings, and software-selectable diagnostic settings.

Tom Mitchell, Gary L Williams, Richard V Haner: Adjustable display panel for portable computer. Compaq Computer Corporation, J David Cabello, Christopher D Keirs, May 23, 1989: US04832419 (46 worldwide citation)

A mechanism for adjusting the height and viewing angle of a flat panel display which is viewed in conjunction with a portable personal computer. The mechanism includes a pair of arms that swing the display panel betwen the lowered and raised position, cooperating with a cam wheel moveable in a cam t ...

Wayne P Duncan Jr: Non-occluding mounting hole with solder pad for printed circuit boards. Compaq Computer Corporation, Christopher D Keirs, July 25, 1989: US04851614 (37 worldwide citation)

A novel solder pad configuration for printed circuit boards is disclosed which is resistant to solder occlusion upon wave soldering. On the solder side of the circuit board the solder pad is substantially C-shaped and partially surrounds a non-plated through-hole. Via holes prvide electrical connect ...

Stephen M Myers: Support apparatus for portable computer expansion unit. Compaq Computer Corporation, J David Cabello, Christopher D Keirs, January 9, 1990: US04893263 (31 worldwide citation)

A support apparatus for a portable personal computer expansion unit provides a plurality of interlocking ribs on the mating surfaces of the portable personal computer and expansion unit, and a latch mechanism to releasably lock the mating surface of the computer expansion unit to the mating surface ...

Thomas W Lattin Jr: Loopback termination in a SCSI bus. COMPAQ Computer Corporation, James R Burdett, Christopher D Keirs, March 24, 1992: US05099137 (30 worldwide citation)

A small computer system interface (SCSI) bus between a host system and one or more peripheral devices is terminated at one end of the SCSI bus, proximal to the host system, and at the other end of the SCSI bus by a loopback terminator. The loopback terminator is formed by a signal board with one con ...

John F Haarde: Printed wiring board having robber pads for excess solder. Compaq Computer Corporation, Christopher D Keirs, May 30, 1989: US04835345 (18 worldwide citation)

A printed wiring board is disclosed which has one or more solder pads of special configuration which receive and contain excess solder which might otherwise bridge adjacent downstream leads of a component having closely spaced leads when the component is mounted to the printed circuit board in a wav ...

Earl W Moore, Ronald R Brown: Key with silent return movement. Compaq Computer Corporation, Christopher D Keirs, May 23, 1995: US05418530 (18 worldwide citation)

Several unique features of a key switch housing and plunger are disclosed which may be employed to provide a keyboard having improved noise and feel characteristics. A system of key plunger up-stops is used to reduce the noise produced by key return while preventing removal of the plunger from the c ...