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To provide a photosensitive resin composition and a photosensitive element using the resin composition with excellent sensitivity and adhesion as well as high resolution and plating resistance. A photosensitive resin composition, comprises (A) a polymer carrying carboxyl groups, (B) a compound carry ...

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The present invention is related to a method for preparing polyether polyol or copolymerized polyether polyol, which uses an acid catalyst consisting of heteropoly acidic salts and oxides and/or binders. It allows tetrahydrofuran and/or cyclic ether compounds to carry out the ring-opening polymeriza ...


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The present invention relates to a microgranule prepared by using an alkali compound as a stabilizer for a 5-pyrrolyl-2-pyridylmethylsulfinylbenzimidazole derivative having the following formula (1), which is a very effective antiulcerative but highly unstable under acidic conditions, and by using a ...

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The invention provides imidazoacridone compounds of general formula (1) which have cytotoxic and anti-tumor activity. The invention also provides methods of preparing the compounds, and methods of using the compounds for the treatment of cancer or other mammalian diseases characterized by undesirabl ...

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Novel chemical species capable of simultaneously alkylating double-stranded DNA and cleaving the same; methods for alkylating and cleaving DNA by using these species; and anticancer agents with the use of these compounds. Compounds represented by the following general formula (I) which are capable o ...

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Disclosed is a pharmaceutical composition comprising (E)-3,5-dihydroxy-7-[4′-4″-fluorophenyl-2′-cyclopropyl-quinolin-3′-yl]-6-heptenoic acid, or its salt or ester, of which the aqueous solution or dispersion has pH of from 6.8 to 8. The composition has good time-dependent stability and has ...


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The present invention relates to the ligand polypeptide for the human pituitary- and mouse pancreas-derived G protein-coupled receptor proteins. The ligand polypeptide or the DNA which codes for the ligand polypeptide can be used for (1) development of medicines such as pituitary function modulators ...