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A light emitting display for compensating for the threshold voltage of transistor or mobility and fully charging a data line. A transistor and first through third switches are formed on a pixel circuit of an organic EL display. The transistor supplies a driving current for emitting an organic EL ele ...

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A method and apparatus for data transmission between an electromedical implant having a first transmitter/receiver unit, such as a cardiological implant, and an associated external apparatus having a second transmitter/receiver unit. Data transmission begins with a triggering signal which is sent by ...

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Puffed food products are produced by cooking a slurry of water, a foodstuff and starch containing at least 20 percent by weight amylose, thereby producing a gelatinized mass. The gelatinized mass is formed into pieces, dried and puffed.

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Disclosed is a circular index structure. The contents feature analyzer analyzes the contents and stores information about virtual locations to be located on the indexes of the respective contents, and information on the physical indexes for displaying the corresponding contents, in a memory. The con ...

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Disclosed is an image display apparatus having, in every pixel, a light-emitting element such as an organic electro-luminescence (EL) element of which the brightness is controlled by a current. The image display apparatus includes transistors that form a current mirror in the pixel and using a pixel ...

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A grip for attachment to a firearm is provided. The grip includes an internal battery storage chamber having at least one inwardly stepped storage cavity that includes a plurality of battery compartments for storing a plurality of batteries.

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A device for intervention of a subsea oil and/or gas well by means of a tool (8) suspended by a cable (9), fed from or withdrawn to a vessel (1) and driven by a drive mechanism (12) located on the vessel. The device comprises a lubricator (5) having a tool housing for the insertion of the tool into ...

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The present invention provides nanoparticle film and methods of making such films. The nanoparticle film comprises a three dimensional cross-linked array of nanoparticles and linker molecules. The nanoparticle film is coherent, robust and self supporting. The film may be produced by adding linker mo ...

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A method for transferring data from a first switch to a second switch selectively by line-switching or by packet-switching as well as to a switch for carrying out the method. Data packets are thereby first transferred packet-switched through a packet-switching network to the second switch. With the ...

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A keypad for a mobile phone includes a circuit board having a fixed contact point; a dome switch disposed on the circuit board; a base pad member having a projection for pressing the dome switch to generate signal; an upper pad member having a key top, the upper pad member being integrally formed wi ...