Frederick W Trombley III, Robert M Schmidt, David M Reilly, Alan D Hirschman, David M Griffiths, Gerald W Callan, Luis A Pedraza, Jennie Kwo, Christopher T Zirps, Roderick H Beaulieu: Injection system having a pressure isolation mechanism and/or a handheld controller. Medrad, Gregory L Bradley, Christian E Schuster, Henry E Bartony Jr, August 22, 2006: US07094216 (74 worldwide citation)

An injector system includes a powered injector, a pressurizing chamber in operative connection with the powered injector, a fluid path in fluid connection with the pressurizing chamber, and a manual control in fluid connection with the fluid path. The manual control includes at least one actuator fo ...

David M Reilly, Frederick W Trombley III, Mark Trocki: Syringe loading devices for use with syringes and medical injectors. Medrad, Gregory L Bradley, Christian E Schuster, April 11, 2006: US07025757 (42 worldwide citation)

A syringe loading/filling device (or “syringe loader”) includes a syringe mounting mechanism adapted to cooperate with an attachment mechanism of a syringe to attach the syringe to the syringe loader and a drive member adapted to impart motion to the syringe plunger. The syringes for use with the sy ...

David M Rellly, John F Kalafut: System and method for proportional mixing and continuous delivery of fluids. Medrad, Gregory L Bradley, Christian E Schuster, August 3, 2010: US07766883 (17 worldwide citation)

A system and method for mixing and delivering fluids such as contrast media and saline is disclosed including at least two fluid sources, a pump, a joining fluid path connecting the at least two fluid sources to an inlet to the pump, and a valve device in the fluid path upstream of the pump. The val ...

Michael A Spohn, Thomas P Joyce, Michael J Ehrenberger, James Albert Dedig, John A Haury, Susan Lynn Felix, Gerald W Callan, John D Shearer Jr, Herb Grubic, Ralph Kopacko, William D Barlow, Richard G Critchlow, Roderick H Beaulieu, Jennie Kwo, Luis A Pedraza: Fluid delivery system having a fluid level sensor and a fluid control device for isolating a patient from a pump device. MEDRAD, Gregory L Bradley, Christian E Schuster, July 7, 2009: US07556619 (16 worldwide citation)

The fluid delivery system generally includes a source of injection fluid, a pump device a fluid path set disposed between the source of injection fluid and the pump device, and a fluid control device. The fluid path set includes a multi-position valve. The fluid control device is operatively associa ...

Frank A Lazzaro, Michael A Spohn, Robert J Ashcraft Jr: Front load pressure jacket system with grooved syringe holder. Medrad, Gregory L Bradley, Christian E Schuster, March 20, 2007: US07192416 (15 worldwide citation)

The fluid injection apparatus includes a syringe, an injector, and a pressure jacket. The syringe has a cylindrical body with an injection section at a distal end and a plurality of outward extending retaining flanges at a proximal end. The injector has an injector housing defining a central opening ...

James T Avalos: Method for coating metal strip. Alcoa, Christian E Schuster, Edward L Levine, September 23, 2003: US06623797 (9 worldwide citation)

In a preferred embodiment, the present invention is an apparatus and a method for coating both surfaces of a continuous processing aluminum strip by extruding thin polymeric film onto the aluminum strip. Generally, the aluminum strip is uncoiled, passed through a preheating unit, two extrusion heads ...


Donald A Riggs Jr, Angela M Comstock, Randy Uebler, Darwin Ellis: Modular turret cage for a capping machine. Alcoa Closure Systems International, Christian E Schuster, Tracey D Beiriger, December 16, 2003: US06662526 (6 worldwide citation)

The modular turret cage is used with a capping machine adapted to apply closures to containers, such as beverage, food, or water containers. The capping machine includes a stationary cap. The modular turret cage has a top end and a bottom end. The top end of the turret cage is rotatably received in ...

Thomas L Levendusky, Robert B Larsen, Vincent J Downard, Roy B Steidley, Dawn A Armfield, Paul H Fournier, John B Kapustay Jr, Jeffrey B Pezick: Apparatus for coating metal strip. Alcoa, David W Brownlee, Christian E Schuster, July 6, 2004: US06758903 (5 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for extrusion coating both sides of a metal strip. A metal strip, such as aluminum alloy strip, is moved through a pre-conditioner, two extrusion dies, a post-heater and a cooling system. Both sides of the strip are coated with thin coatings of thermoplastic polymers. The coat ...


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