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This invention relates to polyurethane resins having reduced adhesion to other materials. It particularly pertains to polyurethane interlayers, especially interlayers utilized in laminated safety glass articles. More particularly, this invention relates to polyurethane compositions comprising the re ...

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This invention relates to acryloxy (or methacryloxy)-alkyl (or alkyloxyalkyl) acryloxy (or methacryloxy) hydroxyalkyl organic dicarboxylic esters prepared by reacting an organic acid anhydride with a hydroxyalkyl acrylate or methacrylate and then reacting this half-ester with a glycidyl acrylate or ...

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Aqueous alkali metal hydroxide solutions are purified by passage through a porous cathode of an electrolytic cell having an anode located downstream of the cathode. An electrolytic cell of special construction particularly useful is described.

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A method of producing high purity lithium chloride suitable for use in the manufacture of high purity lithium metal is described. Lithium chloride produced in accordance with the described method is recovered from aqueous solutions of lithium chloride produced in the manufacture of tetraalkyllead fr ...