Masato Nakamae, Toshiaki Sato: Synthetic resin powder. Kuraray, CHEN XIUZHUANG, May 28, 1997: CN96113379

There is disclosed a synthetic resin powder comprising a polymer made from an ethylenically unsaturated monomer or a diolefinic monomer and a polyvinyl alcohol chemically bonded through a sulfide bond at an end thereof to the surface of a particle of the polymer. Although the synthetic resin powder ...

Heikki Ahonen, Pertti Kokkonen, Timo Kenakkala: Method of producing cement or concrete. Oy Tampella, CHEN XIUZHUANG, September 26, 1990: CN90101388

A method of producing cement or concrete, comprising the step of adding fly ash to the cement or concrete at the production stage, the fly ash containing lime and reaction products from the reaction occurring between lime and sulphur oxides in connection with the desulphuration of flue gases. To avo ...

Abraham Abba Zimmerman, Geoffrey Anthony Canton, Joel Robert Siegel, Joseph Vardi: Improved fuel composition for multi-port fuel injection systems. Exxon Research And Engineering Co, CHEN XIUZHUANG LUO YINGMING, October 21, 1987: CN87101878

An additive package, a fuel composition including the additive package and a method for reducing and/or preventing injector fouling in a multi-port fuel injection means utilizing the fuel composition are described. The additive package comprises a particularly described amine and a particularly desc ...

Iuchi Ichishi, Takai Hideyuki, Miyasaki Gen: Oxytitanium phthalocyanine, process for producing same and electrophotosensitive member using same. Canon, chen xiuzhuang, October 14, 1998: CN97117103

Oxytitanium phthalocyanine having a crystal form characterized by main peaks specified by Bragg angles (2 theta +/- 0.2 degree) of 9.0 degrees, 14.2 degrees, 23.9 degrees and 27.1 degrees in X-ray diffraction pattern based on CuK alpha characteristic X-rays. The oxytitanium phthalocyanine crystal pr ...

Li Chengtao, Weiss Keith D: Polycarbonate glazing system and method for making the same. Exatec, Chen Xiuzhuang, November 25, 2009: CN200780050453

A multifunctional glazing panel for automotive window assembly. The glazing panel includes a plastic film having a functional layer, a base layer of a polymer material, a tie layer between the plastic film and the base layer. An abrasion resistant layer, for protecting the plastic film and base laye ...

Nguyen Duy T: Alkanolamine polymer salt additives for creping of fibrous webs. Huntsman Spec Chem, chen xiuzhuang, April 5, 2006: CN200480006112

The present invention provides compositions a useful in the creping of paper products such as facial tissue and bathroom tissue. The compositions comprise an alkanolamine salt of a styrene-methacrylic acid co-polymer. According to a process according to the invention, a composition of the invention ...

Seo Min Hyo, Choi In Ja, Kong Han Uk: Negatively charged amphiphilic block copolymer as drug carrier and complex thereof with positively charged drug. Samyang, chen xiuzhuang, August 11, 2004: CN02812726

The present invention provides an anionic group-containing amphiphilic block copolymer that is biocompatible and biodegradable and, when used as a drug carrier for a cationic drug, provides several advantages such as increased blood concentration and improved stability of the drug.

Grein Christelle, Schedenig Tonja: Polyolefin compositions having improved optical and mechanical properties. Borealis Tech OY, chen xiuzhuang, July 20, 2011: CN200880021408

The invention relates to the use of a polyolefin composition comprising a propylene- ethylene random copolymer having an ethylene content of 0.5 - 10 wt% and a randomness R of the ethylene distribution in the polymer chain of more than 0.945 for the production of articles having high sterilisation r ...