Ohayashi Takaitsu, Akiyama Masatoshi, Kato Ryusuke: Project management method of constructional engineering. Pc Network Large Building, chen liang, August 28, 2002: CN01121144 (10 worldwide citation)

To provide a work management method for construction work. In this work management method for construction work, the work information related to the construction work is divisionally held in a work daily report database, a work photographic database and a work drawing database, and the data concerne ...

Guo Ye, He Daishui: System and method for realizing dynamic displaying telephone record. Yingyeda Group, chen liang, August 6, 2003: CN02110640 (7 worldwide citation)

This invention provides a dynamic display system for realizing phone record including: a dial module, a telephone book data tank, a dial buffer, a calcualtion module and an indes module. This invention provides a method for realizing dynamic display of phone record: firstly, to dial a dial phone num ...

Hasunuma Kazuo: Compound vessel and adhesive for use, decomposition method for cpmpound vessel. Shanghai Gaoya Glass, chen liang, March 31, 2004: CN02137279 (7 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a composite container, bond used in the container and the decomposition method thereof. Due to bonds used, a traditional composite container is decomposed inconveniently. The composite container of the invention comprises a plurality of parts. Each part is adhered by a bond. ...


Chen Jingwen, Ni Fulong, Yang Nianzhao: High-density mask type non-volatility memory array structure with flat zone-block selected transistor. Wanghong Electronic, chen liang, April 23, 2003: CN01135826 (4 worldwide citation)

The present invention is mainly aimed at providing a read-only memory array with flat-type structure. It includes at least two memory banks, said two memory banks have several memory cells, at least two inter-bank selective transistors are connected to two memory banks and shared by two memory banks ...


Li Dongzhu: Main spindle servo control method for cd drive. Shanghai LG Broadcasting And Television Electronics, chen liang, June 30, 2004: CN02151261 (3 worldwide citation)

When stopping high-speed rotation of spindle motor inserted into CD or DVD disk on optical drive is requested, driving voltage inputting to the spindle motor is cut off. After detecting voltage in reverse direction happened in the spindle motor, relevant braking voltage and input time of braking vol ...

Lia Zhenxing, Fan Xiaolong, Wu Jinsong: Application program downloading method in compilation system platform of electronic communication equipment. Yingyeda Group, chen liang, September 25, 2002: CN01104758 (2 worldwide citation)

In the present invention, while downloading application program, the compiling system of electronic communication equipment is made to separate one general area from its memory space for user of the downloaded application program, so that the compiling program can be stored in any addresses in the a ...