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The present invention relates to an instrument and a method to determine the nucleotide sequence in a DNA molecule without the use of a gel electrophoresis step. The method employs an unknown primed single stranded DNA sequence which is immobilized or entrapped within a chamber with a polymerase so ...

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A process for separating oxygen from gas mixture containing oxygen. The gas mixtures are contacted with a solution of an organometallic complex oxygen carrier and an electrolyte in an organic solvent. During the contact, oxygen is bound to the carrier. After the contacting step is completed the solu ...

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A novel rotating aerodynamic toy comprising an ultra-elastic gel airfoil which is suitable for launch in light or heavy wind conditions and capable of performing various aerodynamic effects including climb, stall, return, straight-line flight and other aerobatics. The ultra-elastic properties of the ...

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Dynamic, spinning, twisting string toys referred to as 'humdingers' are disclosed. The toys include at least one highly elastic gel body having at least two holes extending through the body along a selected axis of rotation. The holes are treaded with a string(s) which are twisted and untwisted alte ...

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9$g(a), 11$g(b) and 11$g(b)-susbstituted estranes which exhibit elevated estrogenic and postcoital contraceptive activities. A process for their manufacture and their use in pharmaceuticals is also disclosed.

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An ultrasonic imaging system and method which include a transducer (10) for pulse insonification (16) of an object (14). Reflecting means (29) containing scatterers is acoustically coupled to object (14) opposite transducer (10). Echo signals received from within reflecting means (29) are converted ...

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Compounds of formula (I), wherein when X is OH, OR or NR¿2?, n is 0 or 1, and when X is NH¿2? or NHR, n is 0, where each R is independently an alkyl of 1-4 carbon atoms or a morpholino moiety and may further be substituted with hydroxy, alkoxy, amino or halogeno substituents, Y?1¿ and Y?2¿ are indep ...

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Solid materials for use as electrolyte (62) for a fuel cell, or for a sensor, or as a catalyst. Representative structures include lanthanum fluoride, lead potassium fluoride, lead bismuth fluoride, lanthanum strontium fluoride, lanthan strontium lithium fluoride, calcium uranium cesium fluoride, PbS ...

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An amorphous ionically conductive macromolecular solid is set forth having improved ambient temperature ionic conductivity. The solid comprises a solid solution of at least one positively charged ionic species dissolved in a macromolecular material, the macromolecular material comprising a polymer o ...

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A process for synthesizing polyoxa heterocycle compounds and in particular the antimalarial agent known as quinghaosu or artemisinin and its analogs is disclosed. A family of new antimalerial analogs of quinghaosu is also disclosed.