Zhengxing Sun
Teng Lirong, Meng Qingfan, Liu Danmei, Zhou Jie, Tian Xiaole, Su Zhengxing, Sun Fengying: Dried wood-louse extract, preparation method and use thereof in preparing analgesic. Jilin University, Chen Hongwei, March 25, 2009: CN200810051393

The invention relates to a pillbug extract, a preparation method and the application in the preparation of analgesic medicines; baked-dried pillbug powder is crushed and added into water to be decocted; then supernatant is obtained after centrifugation; the supernatant solution is decompressed and c ...


Zang Yonghai: Application of ornidazole in wide-spectrum antifungal medicine. Zang Yonghai, chen hongwei, February 13, 2002: CN01110232 (1 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to the new application of ornidazole in pharmaceutical field. The medicine has broad-spectrum mycotic infection resisting feature and can kill various fungi. The medicine may be prepared into various preparation forms to treat various mycotic infection diseases, such as ...

Yin Naixun: Ordinary-temp and liquid phase process and equipment for preparing liquefied petroleum gas for car. Changchun Car Gas Development, chen hongwei, June 26, 2002: CN01144169 (1 worldwide citation)

A desulfurizing equipment for refining the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for car is composed of overflow pump, dewatering unit for removing water from LPG, first adsorption tower for adsorbing S and its compounds from liquid phase, second adsorptive tower for hydrolytically removing COs and CS2 from ...






Xu Jie, Gu Zhihe, Wang Shouxin: Method for cultivating paddy rice on soda salinized soil of cold area. Reclamation Administration, Qianguo Irrigation Aera, chen hongwei, August 19, 1998: CN98113804

In autumn the seedlings cultivation farmland is covered with rice straw checked faggot or rice straw to ensure the farmland will not be frozen or be frozen with shallow layer of soil in winter and the seedlings cultivation bed will be thawed thoraughly when seedlings cultivation in next year. The la ...

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