Fredrick M Matvias: Microwave applicator with cooling mechanism for intracavitary treatment of cancer. Charles W Chandler, March 1, 1983: US04375220 (223 worldwide citation)

Microwave applicator with cooling mechanism for intracavitary treatment of cancer comprises a jacket with means for delivering water, air or a combination of water and air into the jacket to control the external and internal jacket temperature and temperature of surrounding tissues.

Donald G Burge: Push-in tube connector. Charles W Chandler, June 22, 1982: US04335908 (149 worldwide citation)

A quick connect fitting for air brake tubing consists of a body member with a tubing support therein and a nut threadedly connected to the body. A split ring gripping sleeve having a conical outer surface cooperates with the conical inner surface of the nut to receive and retain inserted tubing. A r ...

Rodney J Dallaire: Autoguided vehicle using reflective materials. Charles W Chandler, August 8, 1989: US04855915 (142 worldwide citation)

An automatic guiding system for an unmanned goods transportation vehicle is provided by a one dimensional optical detector responsive to specialized targets mounted along a side of the vehicle's path of motion. The specialized targets consist of combinations of retro-refelctive and mirror-like devic ...

Lawrence Au: Golf putter system. Charles W Chandler, September 14, 1993: US05244210 (131 worldwide citation)

A golf club head, particularly a putter, having an improved selectable weight and adjustable balance system. The head has an elongated threaded weight chamber extending from toe to heel. The chamber contains weights, preferably coins, and thrust/ friction washers which are captured and secured by op ...

John J Sassak: Beer dispensing and monitoring method and apparatus. Charles W Chandler, April 16, 1991: US05007560 (95 worldwide citation)

A beer dispensing apparatus for delivering beer to a valve that is opened to dispense a predetermined weight of the beverage by monitoring the reduced weight of the supply keg. The apparatus also includes means for bypassing a portion of the beer from the cooling coils so that a part of the beer is ...

William D Lamont: Protective boot structure. Charles W Chandler, July 13, 1993: US05226245 (93 worldwide citation)

A protective boot for patients with arterial disease. The boot includes a separate fluid-containing cushion which can be attached in a variety of positions on or in the boot to provide support for the patient's foot and leg when bed-ridden.

William D Lamont: Protective medical boot and orthotic splint. LaMed, Charles W Chandler, March 11, 1997: US05609570 (84 worldwide citation)

A medical boot includes a two piece boot body consisting of a lower flexible panel forming the sole portion of the boot body, and an annular flexible upper body joined to the peripheral edge of the lower panel so as to form a soft flexible protective wall around the toe and heel areas of the wearer' ...

Robert C McCord: Rearview mirror. Charles W Chandler, April 28, 1981: US04264144 (82 worldwide citation)

A rearview mirror for passenger vehicles has a primary viewing surface that is substantially flat. This surface curves to the rear of the mirror, with a continuously decreasing radius of curvature, toward at least one lateral edge thereof. This provides peripheral vision to the operator of a vehicle ...

Donald G Wheatley, Patricia A Wheatley: Tonneau cover. Charles W Chandler, October 22, 1991: US05058652 (77 worldwide citation)

A flexible cover for mounting over the cargo area of a vehicle such as a pick-up truck, boat or the like, having resilient, J-shaped extruded fasteners attached along the edges of the cover for fastening it to outwardly extending longitudinal edges on rails on the vehicle sidewalls. The J-shaped fas ...

Timothy D Gendron: Ventilated seat pad. Charles W Chandler, January 28, 2003: US06511125 (77 worldwide citation)

A ventilated seat pad for supporting an occupant includes first, second, third, fourth, and fifth layers formed into a back portion and a seat portion. Perforations are formed in the first layer to direct ventilating air to an occupant. The second layer provides cushioning and ventilation for the oc ...