Jens Nagel
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Systems and processes are provided for transforming a style of a message. A processor is configured to facilitate determining a message (111) to be transmitted. Further, the message processor can facilitate selecting one or more styles responsive to a determination of a context (113) associated with ...

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A wireless device uses profiles associated with one or more contexts, which defines various operating situations. Depending on a context, the wireless device changes its operational behavior in accordance with a defined profile, when a context parameter changes. Among other things, the context can c ...



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A query (160) is sent from a browser (100, 101) to a proxy (300) directed to an information source (140) in a networked data communications system. In one aspect, the query is modified by the proxy to provide a modified query and the modified query is forwarded to the information source (120). A res ...

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Connector and methods for attachment to hollow anatomical structures. The connector consists of an annular rigid body and multiple holding members affixed along its opening. The opening and the inner surface and of the annular body correspond respectively to the opening and the external surface of a ...

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A method for efficient encryption and decryption (100) comprises the steps of encrypting a message (104) at a sending unit which is to be sent to a receiving unit using a message key (106) and appending to the message at the sending unit the message key encrypted (108 and 109) using a receiver's pub ...

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A method and apparatus for controlling the environmental conditions within a predefined area based on a network user's preferences using a personal area network is provided. The personal area network includes at least one portable communication unit associated with a network user, and has store ...

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A communication system (100) for providing two-way communication including a portable messaging unit (105) for sending a signal including a recipient alias over a wireless communication channel and a controller (110) for receiving the signal including the recipient alias. The controller (110) then t ...

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The present invention relates to a markup language document stored on a computer-readable medium to provide interactive services and methods thereof. The markup language comprises a dialog element and a step element. The dialog element includes markup language elements in which each markup language ...