Joseph Anthony Cappuccilli: Dosage indicating pill tray. Charles S Mc Guire, August 2, 1977: US04039080 (64 worldwide citation)

A tray having individual compartments for holding pills, capsules, or similar solid medication, each compartment being rectangular in plan view and arranged in a rectangular format or seven columns and a plurality of rows. The tray may be loaded with a week's medication for an individual patient wit ...

Ahmad M El Hindi: Liquid filtration system. Filter Tech, Charles S Mc Guire, January 30, 1979: US04137169 (26 worldwide citation)

A liquid filtration system for separating contaminants from liquids such as coolants used in maching operations. The invention provides the following: (a) filtration apparatus wherein filtered liquid may be withdrawn at a substantially constant rate from a chamber, although supplied thereto at a var ...

Michael L Perretta: Apparent wind indication device. Charles S Mc Guire, March 28, 1978: US04080826 (17 worldwide citation)

A device for mounting on a sailboat to provide a visual indication of the optimum boat-to-wind angle to achieve maximum distance per unit of time to windward. A pivotally mounted wind vane includes a pair of flexible struts extending outwardly at equal angles on each side of the vane centerline and ...

Wellington W Porter: Tomato harvester header. Charles S Mc Guire, December 28, 1976: US03999613 (15 worldwide citation)

A header section for a tomato harvester wherein a pair of counter-rotating discs are moved along a row of tomato plants with the forward edges below ground level to pick up plants, loose fruit and soil and deliver them to a pick-up conveyor. A first aspect of the invention is concerned with a novel ...

James R Shields Jr: Film-sound synchronization system. Charles S Mc Guire, September 27, 1977: US04050794 (5 worldwide citation)

A system for synchronizing projection of a movie film with playback of a sound recording made simultaneously with filming of the movie by simple and economical adapter means compatible with existing camera, projector and sound equipment without substantial modification. The invention utilizes "home ...

Gilbert L Taber: Method of skinning small animals. Charles S Mc Guire, July 11, 1978: US04099294 (2 worldwide citation)

A method of removing hides or pelts from small animals. The skinning is begun in the usual manner by making incisions along the inside of each hind leg and peeling a short section of hide away from the hindquarters. The skinning is performed with the aid of a pair of rigid plate members, one of whic ...

Jon A Gerber: Spiral manipulative game. Charles S Mc Guire, January 25, 1977: US04004808 (1 worldwide citation)

A game wherein a projectile is constrained for movement along a spiral path having a horizontally disposed axis. The projectile is engaged and propelled by hand-held elements manipulated by opposing players on opposite sides of the spiral path.