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An athletic shoe comprises an upper member and a sole member. The sole member is characterized in having a substantially flat bottom surface, a lateral channel in the sole's bottom surface at the metatarsal area of the user's foot, and a set of inwardly concave longitudinally extending channels in t ...

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A hyper-hypothermia disposable blanket for use by medical personnel warms or cools a patient by a stratum of temperature controlled and filtered air. The blanket comprises a bottom layer of air pervious non-woven material and a top layer of air impervious material. The top layer is sealed at its edg ...

Bruce R Sharp: Split fittings and pipeline systems using same. Charles R Wilson, May 26, 1987: US04667505 (89 worldwide citation)

Split fittings for use in the installation of a flexible jacket over a rigid pipeline comprise a pair of housing halves which, when mated, form a housing enclosure, sealing means and clamping means capable of holding the flexible jacket to the housing enclosure. A method of retrofitting a rigid pipe ...

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Void-containing microcapsules are prepared by a method featuring gellation of an organic polymer with the simultaneous precipitation of an organic liquid non-solvent. The method involves the preparation of a solution containing an organic polymer, a good solvent for the polymer and an organic liquid ...

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Coating compositions capable of liquid application to substrates consist essentially of a curable film forming polyol-containing component and an organic reactive diluent. The reactive diluent is an organic compound containing a primary or secondary hydroxyl group and further characterized by having ...

Bruce R Sharp: Total containment storage tank system. Charles R Wilson, August 11, 1987: US04685327 (74 worldwide citation)

A storage tank system especially useful for storing liquid gasoline comprises a rigid inner tank having a manhead, a dispensing line extending through the manhead, a sleeve encompassing the manhead, and a jacket encasing the tank and at least part of the sleeve. A leak detector is associated with th ...

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Novel terephthalate polymers containing ethylene terephthalate and polyethylene oxide terephthalate units in specific molar ratios and a process for imparting improved soil release properties to fabrics by treating said fabrics with a dilute aqueous solution of said polymers are provided.

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Resinous compositions useful as coating compositions comprise blends of hydroxyfunctional polymers; organoalkoxy silane crosslinking agents represented by the formula:

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Cellulose-based soil release ethers are used in detergent compositions containing C.sub.10 -C.sub.13 alkyl sulfate surfactants, and substantially free from interfering amounts of longer-chain length alkyl sulfates, to provide optimal soil release performance.

Joseph T Schoeny: Automotive accessory for hatchback automobiles and station wagons. Charles R Wilson, January 12, 1988: US04718584 (66 worldwide citation)

An accessory for use in hatchback automobiles and station wagons is dimensioned to fit within the rear interior area of the automobile, and is intended to restrict movement of small articles during transportation. The accessory comprises a base, back flap swingably attached to the base, and at least ...