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A cable television system includes a minicomputer that responds to signals from viewers desiring to see particular television program material to provide a schedule video signal that is broadcast over a program schedule channel carrying a video signal representative of television programs to be broa ...

David Segal: Fracture fixation. Charles Hieken, February 2, 1982: US04313434 (211 worldwide citation)

Fixation of a long bone is accomplished by drilling a small opening into the medullary cavity, inserting a deflated flexible bladder into the medullary cavity through the opening, inflating the bladder with sterile air through an opening accessible outside the bone, sealing the opening, unsealing th ...

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A downlink dish receives television signals from a remote location transmitted by satellite. Satellite receivers demodulate these received signals and normally transmit them through a switch to modulators which modulate respective carrier signals to retransmit the remote program video signals over a ...

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Headphones have a small cavity between the diaphragm and the ear canal with a microphone in the cavity closely adjacent to the diaphragm providing a feedback signal that is combined with the input electrical signal to be reproduced by the headphones to provide a combined signal that is power amplifi ...

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The subject invention is directed to a cable comprising at least one center conductor, a dielectric surrounding said conductor and a plurality of metallic sheaths with at least two of said metallic sheaths separated, having a high series impedance and high propagation function for the path between s ...

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A laser surgical system for use in the operating room is suspended on the ceiling and can be moved horizontally in an X-Y direction. The system has the laser tubes, power supplies and cooling unit in the suspended assembly. A carbon dioxide laser for cutting and a neodymium YAG laser for coagulation ...

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An automatic dynamic equalizer includes left and right input terminals, an input adder and left and right output adders. The left and right input terminals are connected to inputs of the input adder and inputs of the left and right output adder, respectively. The output of the input adder is connect ...

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There are sequencers and format registers which create variable length digital data signal fields and associated field attributes, both with the fields and operations performed on the fields in a random access memory with a central processing unit having comprehensive processing capability, includin ...

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First and second plates are formed with like periodic patterns. A laser beam illuminates the second plate through the alignment marks of the first plate to provide a pair of diffracted beams that are detected with alignment being indicated when the beams are of the same intensity.

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In a current controlled two-state modulation system having a power switch and a low pass filter, a current sensor provides a current feedback signal representative of the current delivered by the power switch to the low pass filter. The low pass filter also provides a voltage feedback signal that is ...