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Apparatus and method for an electrochemical sensor for carbon monoxide detection in a gelled aprotic organic nonaqueous electrolyte solution.

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A flow sensor comprising a pair of thin film heat sensors and a thin film heater is disclosed. A base supports the sensors and heater out of contact with the base with the sensors disposed on opposite sides of the heater. Also disclosed is a semiconductor device comprising a thin film member which c ...

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The invention relates to a problem-state monitoring system which includes an automated reasoning technique for providing moment-by-moment advice concerning the operation of a process. The reasoning technique involves the representation of states a problem can attain during the problem solving proces ...

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The disclosure relates to a computer controlled imaging system involving a digital image processing and display system which has the ability to compose and construct a display scene from a library of images with sufficient processing speed to permit real-time or near real time analysis of the images ...

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The disclosure relates to the use of genetic learning techniques to evolve neural network architectures for specific applications in which a general representation of neural network architecture is linked with a genetic learning strategy to create a very flexible environment for the construction of ...

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A remotely controlled dimming solid state ballast system for gas discharge lamps adapted to respond to external control signals is disclosed which includes the ballast itself along with integral controls for interfacing with an external addressing control system, which may be a powerline carrier sys ...

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A method and apparatus for the control of power consumption in individual space-conditioning loads fed by an electric power network utilizes a commandable, programmable temperature control device which gradually, substantially continually changes the control setpoint in response to an external signa ...

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The present invention contemplates a method and apparatus for load-shedding duty cycling which overrides the normal thermostat control in a space conditioning system, upon receipt of an external signal as from the power company, in a manner such that the consumed power does not rise above the level ...

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An apparatus for storing and dispensing a continuous band of medical reagent test strips is disclosed which includes chambers for the storage of used and unused portions of the continuous strip separated by barrier member to prevent cross-contamination there between. A substantially flat interim spa ...

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A low cost, high frequency, solid-state dimmable fluorescent ballast is disclosed which utilizes a resonant bridge inverter to provide high frequency sinusoidal power to the lamps. One embodiment of the invention includes auxiliary windings connected to the filaments of the lamps to be powered which ...