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A full-featured e-mail system is used in both Internet-based and client-side (personal computer) forms. In each form, either basic e-mail service is provided to system subscribers or a secure, premium service with authentication, concealment, integrity, and non-repudiation functions for electronic m ...

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An ophthalmic apparatus having a smaller size while guaranteeing a required optical performance from each optical system component is provided. The ophthalmic apparatus includes a fogging optical system for removing an accommodation power of an eye being examined so that the eye is properly relaxed. ...

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An anonymous interactive telephone system for connecting a caller to a subscriber without divulging the identity or telephone number of either unless voluntarily revealed. The subscriber publishes an advertisement together with a telephone number of a system controller station. A subscriber referenc ...

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The invention concerns a device for automatically injecting injection liquids, comprising an axially divided housing, whereof the parts can be removably assembled. In a first part of the housing (



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Apparatus for producing multilayer varistors using ceramic ink and electrode ink consists of a succession of stations, in which alternating layers of ceramic ink and electrode ink are laid down on a substrate. The stations may be printing stations in which either a ceramic ink screen or an electrode ...

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Laces of a shoe are secured against coming loose or untied in use by providing a simple clip through which the lace ends are easily threaded and then clamped. Each clip, formed as a thin plate, is carried atop a shoe, adjacent the knot which is tied conventionally in the lace ends. The clip has two ...

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A color projection display device separates light into the colors of red, green and blue. Each of the color components is modulated, superimposed with the other components again and projected. The device provides color picture images with few irregularities in illumination intensity. Polarizing beam ...

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Timing signal generation and distribution are combined in operation of a signal path exhibiting endless electromagnetic continuity affording signal phase inversion and having associated regenerative active means. Two-or more-phases of substantially square-wave bipolar signals arise directly in trave ...