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Method of producing porous synthetic plastic compositions by blending into a polymer at least about 45 volume percent of a plastic-insoluble, water soluble particulate material and a liquid at processing temperatures, capable of forming channels between the solid particles. The blend is then formed ...

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A synthetic cork-like material for use as a closure for liquid containers which is composed of a fine celled polyolefin foam containing an ionomer and which may be formed by a foaming process.

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Two main speaker enclosures when latched to each other at their open faces for transport purposes, enclose chambers that are of an internal configuration and dimension to respectively receive and hold two abutting auxiliary speakers in assembled relationship provided the two auxiliary speakers are i ...

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Method and apparatus for patching or seaming thermoplastic mesh fabrics, such as used in the papermaking industry by means of an ultrasonic welding tool. The tool is provided with one or more tips having raised surface portions or projections adapted for contacting the plastic mesh at a plurality of ...

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A firing mechanism for a gun having a safety movable to a position which blocks the firing movement of the sear. The elements of the mechanism are generally coplanar and include a hammer pivotable in one direction to fire the gun and in the opposite direction for interengagement with the sear which ...

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A breakerless condenser discharge ignition system for an internal combustion engine and excited by a rotating permanent magnet, consists of a single module, containing a number of windings and electrical components, mounted on one pole of a ferromagnetic core for producing high voltage output pulses ...

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Hydraulic discharge system having a pressurizable water tank with an inlet for supplying water under pressure to the tank and a water discharge port with a piston valve to control the opening and closing of the port. An hydraulic chamber is located within the tank and receives the piston valve which ...

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A method for producing extruded blown laminated film, wherein a plurality of layers of a molten thermplastic material are rotated about a common axis and combined during continuing rotation to form said film.

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A magnet gripping fixture which has at least two continuous, laterally spaced parallel permanent magnetic rods extending longitudinally from end-to-end of a supporting body of non-magnetic material. Each magnetic rod is a flexible permanent magnet extrusion of uniform flux distribution throughout it ...

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Filing unit for the storage of recording tape cassettes in which one or more loose leaf pages or sheets are insertable in a loose leaf ring binder. Each sheet has a plurality of retainer clips affixed thereto. The clips are formed from a strip of resilient material with a base portion and upwardly e ...