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In a process for surgically reconstructing the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee to restore its normal stability, the damaged ligament is removed and holes are formed in both the tibia and the femur. The holes extend through the knee joint with their adjacent ends terminating approximately at t ...

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A check valve provides a one-way fluid passage from without to within a fluid bladder formed by a pair of plastic sheets sealed together about their periphery. The check valve is formed by a pair of superimposed films of thermoplastic material, generally equal in length, thermally bonded together at ...

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An inflatable bladder is defined by two superimposed outer sheets of heat-sealable synthetic plastic fused together about their peripheral edges. An Intermediate layer or baffle is disposed between the two outer sheets and is alternately sealed to one and the other of the outer sheets to form air ce ...

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Disclosed is a laser-imagable material comprising a transparent film having thereon a dried coating comprising graphite particles and binder. Also disclosed is the method of making the laser-imagable material and the method of imaging it.

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An air pump formed of a resilient elastomeric material bondable about the perimeter of an opening provided in a plastic inflatable bladder, has a self-supporting spherical dome portion and a generally planar base portion. An inlet flapper type valve is integrally formed in a wall of the dome and an ...

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Ring mechanism for loose leaf binders, and method of manufacture therefor, which has actuating or booster levers which serve both to open and close the rings. Mating ring segments or portions are affixed at corresponding spaced locations to a pair of metallic rods or rails. The outer ends of the rod ...

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Method and apparatus are disclosed for measuring contaminants in aqueous humor without rupturing an examined eye. The apparatus includes a laser which projects a light beam through a gonioscopic lens into the aqueous humor of the examined eye. The light is scattered in the humor with a portion of th ...

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Integral synthetic plastic spring clip used for attaching identification badges and the like to garments. The clip comprises a pair of lever arms interconnected at their outer ends by a spring-forming web. The other ends of the arms terminate in mating jaw portions. The lever arms include interengag ...

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An intake valve for use in a thermoplastic fluid pump for inflatable bladders in which the valve is composed of superposed elastomeric layers and one of which is energy sealed at the center thereof to an inner wall portion of the pump about an inlet opening through said layer. The inlet opening is a ...

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A fire control mechanism for a firing pin striker operated semiautomatic double action handgun includes a sear pivotably disposed on a frame between forward and rearward positions. The sear includes an edge portion for controlling the firing pin and further includes a cam surface for downward displa ...