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A core is completely encased in reinforced plastic to form a structural part. A part is made in a pair of matched metal dies one of which moves against the other to form a mold to contain, and to apply pressure to the part and pinch off excess cover material. Part is made up with cover material abov ...

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A segmented sleeve restrained at one end is constrained to be kept in contact with a mandrel which the sleeve encircles. The mandrel is slideably mounted inside the sleeve and has an enlarged diameter which radially expands the sleeve as the enlarged portion passes by.

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A lightweight ski and method of making same wherein the structural reinforcement for the ski has unidirectional graphite fibers in a resin matrix. Fibers extend longitudinally and at 45.degree. from longitudinal.

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A catalytic converter structure in the exhaust passage of an internal combustion engine having means for replacement of the poisoned or contaminated catalyst bearing support member from an outer housing in the exhaust passage when the processed exhaust quality falls below required levels or upon an ...

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A pair of box shaped shelf support strips embedded in the face of upright support members resiliently urges serrated sides of the support strips against the support members. The outermost sides of the strips are slotted and the back sides have spaced holes to accept a projecting insert from a suppor ...

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A composition and a process for chemical milling titanium utilizing an aqueous nitric-hydrofluoric acid base etchant having a nitric acid content ranging from about 0.2 - 1.2 weight percent.

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A system for modulation of the amplitude of engine exhaust feedback to the engine induction system during engine operation. The modulation system includes means for varying the amplitude of exhaust feedback in periodic manner at a frequency which is substantially constant or which may vary as a func ...

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A method and at least one apparatus for performing the method for transmission of critical information from an ill person in a house to any person outside are disclosed. The examplary apparatus comprises a rectangular housing having means for mounting in a window of the ill person's room, a HELP sig ...

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A viscous fluid is contained between a housing and a rotor to dampen rotation of the rotor. A tension spring extending inside the rotor is connected at one end to a means for controlling spring loading, and at the other end to a drive shaft for controlling movement of a door. A clutch is located on ...

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In an airplane, ducting from each engine provides gas to spanwise nozzles along the flaps on a contiguous wing to provide lift and an augmenting thrust; and a greater volume of gas to spanwise nozzles along the flaps and aileron of the opposite wing to provide a larger lift component and a larger au ...