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A respiratory mask having a flexible seal that encompasses a space which is formed and adapted to receive nasal or nasal and oral portions of a user's face, the mask also having a rigid support extending continuously adjacent the perimeter of the flexible seal to support a portion thereof against ra ...

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An interactive audience participation system which utilizes audio command signals, such as loudness or sound intensity, transmitted by different audience groups. These respective audio command signals are detected to determine the aggregate of the signals for each group and then the detected aggrega ...

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The present invention pertains to RF (radio frequency) inductive coupling plasma (ICP) inductors having an actual primary winding (powered directly by an RF source) wound around a closed ferrite core, and a virtual closed secondary winding formed around this ferrite core in a plasma contained within ...

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An exhaust valve and method for use in medical ventilation and anesthesiology therapy wherein the valve combines gas delivery and controlled exhalation or exhaust functions; also certain medical gas administering systems incorporating the novel valve and method.

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A stripper packer having a mounting collar to which a stripper rubber is releasably secured by compressive clamping means in a manner such that the compressively deformed stripper rubber is maintained in releasable fluid pressure-tight face sealing engagement with the mounting collar.

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A pump apparatus such as a stomach pump or the like having a variable volume pumping chamber in the form of a resiliently flexible bulb with a one way flow check valve disposed within the bulb to preclude backflow therefrom, and a second check valve downstream of the resilient bulb, preferably withi ...