William H. Gates III
Xuedong D Huang, William H Gates III, Eric J Horvitz, Joshua T Goodman, Bradly A Brunell, Susan T Dumais, Gary W Flake, Trenholme J Griffin, Oliver Hurst Hiller: Targeted advertising in brick-and-mortar establishments. Microsoft Corporation, Dan Choi, Carole Boelitz, Micky Minhas, May 13, 2014: US08725567 (6 worldwide citation)

Architecture for presenting advertisements in realtime in retail establishments. A sensor component includes sensors for collecting information about a customer or group of customers as they move through the store. The sensors can include capability for image processing, audio processing, light sens ...

William H. Gates III
Henricus Johannes Maria Meijer, William H Gates III, Raymond E Ozzie, Thomas F Bergstraesser, Lili Cheng, Michael Connolly, Alexander G Gounares, Debi P Mishra, Ira L Snyder Jr, Melora Zaner Godsey: Data security in an off-premise environment. Microsoft Corporation, Holly Nguyen, Carole Boelitz, Micky Minhas, April 22, 2014: US08705746 (4 worldwide citation)

A system that enables a cloud-based data repository to function as a secure ‘drop-box’ for data that corresponds to a user is provided. The ‘drop box’ can be facilitated through the use of cryptographic keying technologies. For instance, data that is ‘dropped’ by or on behalf of a particular user ca ...

William H. Gates III
Susan T Dumais, William H Gates III, Srikanth Shoroff, Michael Ehrenberg, Jensen M Harris, Richard J Wolf, Joshua T Goodman, Eran Megiddo: Providing a task description name space map for the information worker. Microsoft Corporation, Holly Nguyen, Carole Boelitz, Micky Minhas, April 15, 2014: US08700385

Providing for generation of a task oriented data structure that can correlate natural language descriptions of computer related tasks to application level commands and functions is described herein. By way of example, a system can include an activity translation component that can receive a natural ...

William H. Gates III
Eran Megiddo, Joshua T Goodman, Jensen M Harris, Susan T Dumais, Michael V Ehrenberg, Srikanth Shoroff, William H Gates III: Communication workspace. Microsoft Corporation, Dan Choi, Carole Boelitz, Micky Minhas, July 15, 2014: US08782179

Multiple pieces of information can be arranged into a single construct that allows the employee to ascertain information quickly while at her workstation. Selection of information for placement into the construct can employ various statistical models and the like. Selective pieces of information can ...

Andrew D Wilson, Nuria M Oliver: Architecture for controlling a computer using hand gestures. Microsoft Corporation, Dan Choi, Carole Boelitz, Micky Minhas, June 3, 2014: US08745541 (43 worldwide citation)

A 3-D imaging system for recognition and interpretation of gestures to control a computer. The system includes a 3-D imaging system that performs gesture recognition and interpretation based on a previous mapping of a plurality of hand poses and orientations to user commands for a given user. When t ...

Philip A Chou, Zhengyou Zhang, Cha Zhang, Dinei A Florencio, Zicheng Liu, Rajesh K Hegde, Nirupama Chandrasekaran: Immersive remote conferencing. Microsoft Corporation, Steve Wight, Carole Boelitz, Micky Minhas, March 18, 2014: US08675067 (41 worldwide citation)

The subject disclosure is directed towards an immersive conference, in which participants in separate locations are brought together into a common virtual environment (scene), such that they appear to each other to be in a common space, with geometry, appearance, and real-time natural interaction (e ...

Yu Zheng, Wencheng Zheng, Xing Xie: Collaborative location and activity recommendations. Microsoft Corporation, Carole Boelitz, Micky Minhas, Lee & Hayes, May 6, 2014: US08719198 (35 worldwide citation)

Techniques describe constructing a location and activity recommendation model to identify relationships between locations and activities. To construct the model, the process obtains global positioning system (GPS) logs of geographical locations collected over time and identifies stay points represen ...

Joel S Kollin, Jaron Lanier: Changing between display device viewing modes. Microsoft Corporation, Dan Choi, Carole Boelitz, Micky Minhas, June 17, 2014: US08754831 (30 worldwide citation)

Embodiments that relate facilitating the viewing of images on a mobile device are disclosed. For example, one disclosed embodiment provides a mobile device including a display screen and an image display system configured to selectively switch between a first viewing mode in which an image comprisin ...

Nissanka Arachchige Bodhi Priyantha, Jie Liu, Dimitrios Lymperopoulos: Energy efficient continuous sensing for communications devices. Miscrosoft Corporation, Steve Wight, Carole Boelitz, Micky Minhas, April 22, 2014: US08706172 (29 worldwide citation)

A “Communication Device with Energy Efficient Sensing” provides various techniques for enabling a variety of sensor-based applications and processes while conserving energy on mobile communications devices. More specifically, the Communication Device with Energy Efficient Sensing provides a novel se ...

Otto G Berkes, Steven Bathiche, John Clavin, Ian LeGrow, Joseph Reginald Scott Molnar: Distance scalable no touch computing. Microsoft Corporation, Dan Choi, Carole Boelitz, Micky Minhas, September 23, 2014: US08843857 (27 worldwide citation)

Disclosed herein are techniques for scaling and translating gestures such that the applicable gestures for control may vary depending on the user's distance from a gesture-based system. The techniques for scaling and translation may take the varying distances from which a user interacts with compone ...