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Copy production machine having a print mode for making copies under automatic control interruptible by a copy mode, of making copies. In the print mode images to be copied are automatically supplied to a copy production portion. In the print mode, images are preferably precollated, whereas in the co ...

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Image processing system for reproducing on a bilevel medium documents having mixed formats (text, halftone, and continuous tone) by selective thresholding of scanned pel values based on detected characteristics of the material to be reproduced. The characteristics of interest for each pel include it ...

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Circuit for modifying a transmitted Non-Return-to-Zero signal to insert a frequency component at the bit rate to permit linear processing at the receiver to extract timing signals.

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The operation of a document distribution network having one or more input work stations, a linking network with one or more nodes and one or more output work stations, is controlled by a job control sheet. The job control sheet is partitioned into a plurality of control zones. Each zone contains ded ...

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Copy machine having provisions for separately addressing and independently exercising individual machine components for maintenance purposes. There are also provisions for addressing sensory components individually and for providing a visual indication of the state of the addressed element so that i ...

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Priority levels and bump values are assigned to requestors for access to a system resource. When access requests are received, arbitration of the requests is made in accordance with the assigned priorities, bump values, and the received access requests. If a high priority level access request is gra ...

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A compact single bin finisher adaptable to form collated sets of copy sheets outputted from a copier/duplicator. The finisher includes an output tray adapted to support the collated sets and to support copy sheets during accumulation of a set. A set accumulation module having an accumulation platfor ...