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Solid hydrocarbon materials present in subsurface earth formation such as, for example, the coke like residue remaining in a subterranean tar sand deposit which has previously been exploited by controlled oxidation depletion, is converted to a synthesis gas composition by contacting the solid hydroc ...

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A method of recovering petroleum from an underground reservoir by employing an in-situ combustion at a pressure of at least 120 bar by the simultaneous injection of oxygen and water whereby the temperature is controlled in the range of 450.degree.-550.degree. C.

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A method for starting a process to recover energy raw materials from a subterranean formation whereby igniters are injected into the upper region of the formation and inert gas is injected into the lower region of the formation, and thereafter an oxygen-containing gas is injected at a predetermined ...

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A method for the recovery of low API gravity viscous oils or bitumen from a subterranean formation by the injection of a mixture of an oxygen-containing gas and steam having an optimum gas/steam ratio that is decreased as the cumulative amount of steam is increased.

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A method determines the extent of subsurface reactions in which random acoustic signals are radiated from a whole area covered by the reaction or from a boundary region, hereafter termed reaction front, between largely undisturbed rocks and those already covered by the reaction. The signals are reco ...

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Many petroleum formations contain water having high salinity and/or high concentrations of divalent ions such as calcium or magnesium dissolved therein, and are additionally at temperature from about 70.degree. F. to about 300.degree. F. Most surfactants suitable for use in oil recovery operations a ...

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A raw synthesis gas feed stream, e.g., gaseous mixtures comprising H.sub.2 and CO and containing gaseous impurities including CO.sub.2, H.sub.2 S, COS, and mixtures thereof (acid gas) and CH.sub.4, optionally in admixture with a CO-rich gas stream produced subsequently in the process, is introduced ...

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Steam breakthrough at the updip outcrop of a steeply dipping heavy oil reservoir is prevented by the injection of a hot water bank above the point at which the steam is injected into the heavy oil reservoir.

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A spinner for rotating a pipe, such as a spinner mandrel, including a chambered frame having aligned openings through which the pipe can be inserted, drive assembly, such as a sprocket, rotatably mounted in the chamber, endless flexible spinning member, such as a multistrand roller chain, normally s ...

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This invention concerns a two-step process for the preparation of ethylene from mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen (commonly known as synthesis gas) by reaction of said carbon monoxide/hydrogen mixtures with a carboxylic acid in the presence of one or more ruthenium catalyst complexes to form a ...