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Intracranial pressure transducer System, wherein a holding bracket containing and supporting sensor elements of the apparatus is surgically positioned, through an opening in the skull, against the dura of a neurosurgical patient. The elements within the holding bracket transmit signals in the form o ...

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Surface controlled blade stabilizer apparatus, for which surface control is achieved by alteration of internal drill string pressure to move a piston which carries an actuator for expanding the stabilizer blades, the blades being spring biased inwardly when not forced outwardly by the actuator. A ba ...

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Pots for growing plants including water-level indicators therefor, wherein the pot includes an outer pot and an inner pot supported therein having a lower portion of reduced diameter through which water is conducted upwardly by surface tension activity, and wherein the water-level indicator comprise ...

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Support adapted for mounting on the arm of a chair, for support of objects such as glasses, cups, ash trays, or the like, within convenient reach of the occupant of the chair. The support has two flat panels, one flushly against the other, which rest upon the chair arm, and each has a downturned out ...

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