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A synthetic leaflet aortic and mitral heart valve for use in replacement of diseased natural heart valves having a flexible, curved framework, a flexible membrane attached to the framework and fixation means for attaching the valve to the tissue annulus. The framework consists of at least three curv ...

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A hybrid natural language understanding (NLU) system which is particularly designed for processing natural language text. Primary functional components of the NLU system include a preprocessor; a word look-up and morphology module which communicates with a lexicon and a learning module; a syntactic ...

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An electrode system for recording neural signals suitable for chronic implantation employing shielding and other techniques to improve signal-to-noise ratio. Three electrically isolated electrodes are used in a tripolar fashion. The electrodes are thin wires which are coated with a conductive gel. E ...

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Epicardial pacing lead for affixation to epicardial heart tissue either onto the forward facing portion of the heart or behind the heart during thoracic surgery. A stylet controls a helical fixation screw in an electrode head of the pacing lead in that the stylet is turned thereby advancing the heli ...

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A transvenous pacing lead suitable for chronic implantation having structure which permits dispensing of drugs or other chemical agents from the ring tip electrode upon physician discretion from implant through chronic implantation. A bipolar, tined endocardial ventricular lead has a plurality of sm ...

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A detection system having sending units for sending data signals representative of a condition, such as fire, smoke, intrusion, battery condition, or an emergency, to a central receiving unit. The sending units include a microcomputer which generates a pseudo-random number, waits for a number of cyc ...

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The invention adapts to an electronic lock comprising a housing, and a plug supported for rotation within the housing and having a keyway to receive the blade of a key which rotates the plug during operation of the locking apparatus. A locking member is movable into engagement with the plug to preve ...

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Heart valve including a valve body having a non-circular exterior periphery and a blood flow passage orifice through the valve body having a periphery substantially geometrically similar to the exterior periphery. A rigid occluder having a periphery slightly smaller than the internal periphery of th ...

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There is disclosed herein a wristwatch size cardiac monitoring apparatus which is worn on the wrist of one arm. A conductive material housing acts as one electrode when held firmly in contact with the wrist of the arm on which it is worn. A finger of the other limb is placed on a receiving electrode ...

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A quick connect/disconnect solenoid operated valve providing simultaneous electrical and fluid connections to a refrigerator with an icemaker.