Leon Goldberg: Method and apparatus for reducing pollutant emissions while increasing efficiency of combustion. Lawrence P Weinberger, Cantor and Singer, September 5, 1978: US04111636 (52 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for reducing pollutant emissions from a source of combustion while simultaneously increasing the combustion efficiency. In a preferred mode, the technique contemplates the separation, removal and collection of positively charged species at the combustion zone. This is achieved ...

Walter Bretschneider: Stitched-down shoe. Cantor and Singer, January 5, 1982: US04308671 (48 worldwide citation)

A stitched-down shoe in which the upper or the upper material has an outwardly-turned edge which is sewn directly to a base. The base has a lateral seam groove extending around the periphery thereof and near the top of the base, and pre-formed stitch holes directed essentially perpendicular to the s ...

Masaaki Fujio: Method and apparatus for fitting heat shrinkable film seals to necks of vessels. Cantor and Singer, March 20, 1979: US04144631 (35 worldwide citation)

A heat shrinkable film is opened up from a collapsed state by suckers and is stretched over several guide members which are then clamped over the neck of a vessel. The film is pushed off the guide members onto the neck of the vessel and is clamped there by clamp members while the guides are withdraw ...

Gunter Baum: Device for vacuum sealing of preserving jars. Cantor and Singer, February 8, 1983: US04372096 (32 worldwide citation)

A device for sealing a preserving jaw by generation of a powerful vacuum in the head space of the jar. This is put into effect by a hood which is evacuated by means of an external vacuum pump, and is put over the jar's mouth loosely covered with a thin lid, the hood having an air tight seat on the j ...

Enid Mary Dent, Arthur A Anderson: Plant growth package. Capability Brown, Cantor and Singer, July 1, 1980: US04209945 (30 worldwide citation)

A package for a flowable material such as a plant growth medium and which can be converted for use as a container for growing plants therein. The package has an elongated or square flexible outer container and is filled with the flowable filling material. The container has markings for cutting out a ...

Asakichi Suga: Device for driving screw, pin, rivet or the like. Cantor and Singer, December 14, 1982: US04363250 (30 worldwide citation)

A device for driving a screw, pin, rivet or the like into a threaded or drilled hole is disclosed which is adapted to operate a nozzle comprising a pair of nozzle halves to pinch it. When driving a screw by means of the device as a screw driver, a thrust sleeve is displaced forwards by operating an ...

Anita G Kapiloff, Randolph T Hatch: Cleaning composition. Chemical Sciences, Cantor and Singer, November 2, 1982: US04357254 (28 worldwide citation)

A composition for cleaning fouled reverse osmosis membranes or other similar fouled surfaces. The composition will remove calcium and magnesium scale as well as iron scale and organic fouling materials. The composition is biodegradable and safe to use.

Nobuo Nemoto: Wig anchorage. Aderans Company, Cantor and Singer, May 22, 1979: US04155370 (23 worldwide citation)

A wig for covering up a bald area of the head or portion having thin hair and an improved wig anchoring technique. The anchoring member to be positioned on an inner surface of a wig body includes a curved reversible member supporting a number of pectinate projections having free ends movable toward ...

Yasuji Kato: Pedometer assembly. Yamasa Tokei Meter, Cantor and Singer, March 30, 1982: US04322609 (23 worldwide citation)

A pedometer assembly comprises a base disc, pendulum adapted to swing at every step and a display panel. This display panel is rotatably in response to swinging movement of the pendulum and is provided at its periphery with a cylindrical wall. The wall is scored or provided on its outer surface with ...

Tadashi Sawafuji: Electromagnetic type acoustic transducers. Cantor and Singer, October 14, 1980: US04228327 (21 worldwide citation)

An electromagnetic type acoustic transducer comprises a vibratable diaphragm including a conductor and disposed within a magnetic field defined by a permanent magnet. Support members which are expandable and contractible in the direction at right angles with the diaphragm are fixed to both surfaces ...