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The present invention relates to a method for reducing image instability in a virtual environment due to the transport delay of the image generator and other components of the system. A method is given for determining the error in the generated virtual environment and using this error for shifting t ...

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Several downhole flow control devices are disclosed which are meterable and are also capable of shutting of a particular zone in a well. The several embodiments include a multiple valve body, a toroidal inflatable valve, and a series of related choke systems. The downhole flow control choke mechanis ...

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A tubing assembly including conductive corrugated tubing including convolutions of peaks and valleys and a conductive polymer jacket disposed in said valleys along a length of said corrugated tubing.

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A method for preparing a semiconductor material for formation of a silicide layer on selected areas thereupon is disclosed. In an exemplary embodiment of the invention, the method includes removing at least one of a nitride and an oxynitride film from the selected areas, removing metallic particles ...

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A vent screen for a use in a circuit breaker cassette having structural characteristics that allows it to be assembled correctly within the circuit breaker cassette and where the vent screen allows for the flow of arc gases from the arc chambers.

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A method for negotiating a common language on a voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network, the method comprising: allowing a plurality of users to connect to the VoIP network, each of the plurality of users having at least one of a plurality of VoIP compatible transmitting/receiving devices; confi ...