Kazi Zaman
Kazi A Zaman, Shimin Song, Ed Shaw Lee Suen: Conversion of a relational database query to a query of a multidimensional data source by modeling the multidimensional data source. Siebel Systems, Campbell Stephenson, February 2, 2010: US07657516 (17 worldwide citation)

A facility for processing a relational database query is described. The facility receives the relational database query, and constructs a multidimensional database query based on the received relational database query. The facility submits the constructed multidimensional database query for executio ...

Kuang Yang Huang, Matthew S Malden, Henry D Jay, Anil Annadata: Computer telephony integration hotelling method and system. Siebel Systems, James W Soong, Campbell Stephenson Ascolese, June 10, 2003: US06577726 (936 worldwide citation)

A method and system for enabling a CTI user to log in at any work station in a network and utilize the system with the correct teleset, and also to transfer a CTI transaction or interaction to another CTI user.

Bruce Wilford, Yie Fong Dan: Architecture for high speed class of service enabled linecard. Cisco Technology, Campbell Stephenson Ascolese, February 3, 2004: US06687247 (284 worldwide citation)

A linecard architecture for high speed routing of data in a communications device. This architecture provides low latency routing based on packet priority: packet routing and processing occurs at line rate (wire speed) for most operations. A packet data stream is input to the inbound receiver, which ...

Jagadish Bandhole, Sekaran Nanja, William Blume, Carleton Miyamoto: Dynamic computing environment using remotely allocable resources. Veritas Operating Corporation, Campbell Stephenson Ascolese, October 2, 2007: US07278142 (170 worldwide citation)

A system and a method of providing a dynamic computing environment to a user, in which the dynamic computing environment is configured to communicate and to operate under the control of the user. The dynamic computing environment has one or more virtual resources including at least one virtual compu ...

Jeffery H Lee, Manabu Ando: Parallel access virtual channel memory system. NEC Electronics, Campbell Stephenson Ascolese, November 5, 2002: US06477621 (143 worldwide citation)

A memory system having a main memory which is coupled to a plurality of parallel virtual access channels. Each of the virtual access channels provides a set of memory access resources for controlling the main memory. These memory access resources include cache resources (including cache chaining), b ...

Petrus Johannes Viljoen, Jens Meggers: Streaming malware definition updates. Symantec Operating Corporation, Campbell Stephenson, July 31, 2012: US08234709 (134 worldwide citation)

A method, system and apparatus for assembling and publishing frequent malware signature definition updates through the use of additive or “streaming” definition packages is provided. Embodiments of the present invention provide such functionality by publishing not only full malware signature definit ...

Manoj Das, John Liang, Peter Lim, Emanuel Gerald Noik, Doug Smith, Rahim Yaseen: Progressive refinement model for business processes. Siebel Systems, Campbell Stephenson, October 5, 2010: US07809597 (133 worldwide citation)

In one embodiment, a method for refining a business process model includes receiving business process data pertaining to a first phase of a business process definition from a first class of users, creating a model of a business process using the business process data received from the first class of ...

Russell R Stringham: Client side data deduplication. Symantec Operating Corporation, Campbell Stephenson, October 12, 2010: US07814149 (127 worldwide citation)

Methods and systems that use a client locality table when performing client-side data deduplication are disclosed. One method involves searching one or more client locality tables for the signature of a data unit (e.g., a portion of a volume or file). The client locality tables include signatures of ...

Jason R Bloomstein, Milind M Barve: Framework for managing clustering and replication. Symantec Operating Corporation, Campbell Stephenson, June 24, 2008: US07392421 (118 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a framework for managing both clustering and data replication in a software system distributed across multiple nodes. The framework includes at least one agent running at nodes comprising the distributed system. The framework also includes a master to coordinate cluste ...

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A pipelined linecard architecture for receiving, modifying, switching, buffering, queuing and dequeuing packets for transmission in a communications network. The linecard has two paths: the receive path, which carries packets into the switch device from the network, and the transmit path, which carr ...