Zheng Baodong, Zheng Mingchu, Wu Meiqin: Production of natural lotus seed juice. Tianyang Agriculture &Amp Husbandry Food Fuzhou City, cai huadun, April 2, 2003: CN01123993 (2 worldwide citation)

A natural lotus seed juice is prepared from fresh or quickly frozen lotus seeds through grinding, filtering, adding alpha and beta amylase, hydrolyzing, adding hydrophilic stabilizer and flavouring, homogenizing and sterilizing. Its advantages are high freshness and no deposition.


Cai Jianhu: Natural material made agent for preventing and curing disease and pest. Cai Jianhu, cai huadun, January 7, 2004: CN02138760 (1 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a pesticide for effectively controlling plant diseases and pests. It is made of natural diatomite as main component and adding several Chinese medicinal materials having the actions of resisting bacteria and killing pests through the processes of mixing, stirring, dr ...

Lin Xinjian, Chen Jichen, Zheng Shili: Technology for producing fermented glossy ganoderma tea. Soil And Fertilizer Inst, Fujian Prov Academy Of Agriculture Sciences, cai huadun, September 1, 1999: CN98104794

The production process of fermented glossy ganoderma tea includes the following steps: preparation of culture medium with tea 20-50%, wheat or rice bran 2-5% and water 45-75%; autoclaving; inoculating of glossy ganoderma; constant temperature culture at 23-30 deg.c; after culture medium full of grow ...