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A closure for sealing a percutaneous puncture in an vessel, e.g., an artery, or lumen. The puncture also includes a puncture tract in which a portion of the closure is to be located. The closure comprises an elongated rigid anchor member formed of a resorbable material, a sealing member formed of a ...

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An underdrain lateral for a liquid purification system is described. The lateral has three chambers, a primary chamber, a compensating chamber, and gas chamber. Turbulence is minimized during cleansing of the purification media by isolating the gas from the liquid and the backwash liquid. This is ac ...

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A system and method for automatically regulating access control levels in an access control system based on the threat level as determined by the Department of Homeland Security and/or their corresponding local offices.

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A system and method for renting or purchasing products, preferably digital media. The system comprises a self-check station and unique locking apparatus for the media. The method includes a procedure to both rent and return the media without the aid of borrowing facility personnel.

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A touch panel-use transparent conductive laminate film little in coloring of transmitted beam and high in transmittance. The transparent conductive laminate film (100) comprises an intermediate layer (B) laminated on a transparent substrate(A) and having an optical film thickness of 100-175 nm, and ...

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Integral studs, such as T-studs, are cut from metal sheets on which the studs are to be deployed. A process for providing integral studs includes cutting the studs from the sheet metal on which the studs are to be deployed, and elevating the studs above the plane defined by the sheet metal. The proc ...

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A system has a read command signal that includes an Address field, Byte Data field, and Starting Address field. If the tag data read from the memory address identified by the Address field is the same as the Byte Data, the tag sends a response signal with Page Data read from the memory location iden ...


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A detector for detecting cargo in a container has a controller block, a transmitter for transmitting light into the field of view, a receiver for receiving reflected light, and a threshold comparator for determining whether the received light meets a threshold for cargo detection. The receiver inclu ...

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Strontium ranelate is prepared by reacting dicyclohexylammonium ranelate with strontium halide in an anhydrous solvent. Strontium ranelate thus obtained will have less than 3% moisture content.