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Disclosed is a method of removing mercury from contaminated liquid hydrocarbons (natural gas condensate) by contacting them with a dilute aqueous solution of alkali metal sulfide salt and recovering the treated liquid hydrocarbon. The addition of alkali metal hydroxide enhances the phase separation ...

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The conversion of less than 1 H.sub.2 /CO ratio syngas to high yield of C.sub.3 plus product is accomplished with a CO reducing catalyst comprising shift characteristics and the product of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis is converted to premium gasoline and distillate fuels by contact with acidic ZSM-5 ze ...

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An improved method for synthesizing improved crystalline zeolites characterized by an alumina to silica mole ratio of not greater than 0.083 and a constraint index within the approximate range of 1 to 12 is provided. The improved method comprises forming a reaction mixture containing one or more sou ...

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The present invention relates to multi-layer coextruded thermoplastic stretch wrap films useful for the packaging or palletizing of goods. More particularly the films of this invention include at least three layers having two outer layers and at least one intermediate layer placed between the outer ...

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A stretch wrap film having one surface with cling properties and the other with noncling properties, one noncling property being a slip property exhibited when the noncling surface is in contact with a like surface of itself with relative motion therebetween having the improvement whichis comprised ...

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A conduction heating, gravity assisted, single well, process for removing viscous hydrocarbonaceous fluids from a reservoir penetrated by a horizontal wellbore. Steam and a gas soluble in hydrocarbonaceous fluids are circulated into the wellbore at or below the reservoir pressure through an upper pe ...

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A metallized film combination of an oriented polymeric substrate layer having on one surface thereof a coating of a blend of (a) a vinyl alcohol homopolymer or copolymer and (b) an ethylene-acrylic acid copolymer, the coating blend having a metal layer thereon. The method involves coating the substr ...

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A pack of grocery sacks has releasable adhesive regions between contacting walls of adjacent sacks in order to insure the substantial opening of a following sack when a lead sack is removed from a rack supporting the pack.

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A method and apparatus for continually metering a gaseous blowing agent in an accurate and precise manner into a molten resin charge, such as polystyrene. This is accomplished by a free piston-cylinder combination which is actuated by the gas blowing agent and which continually meters discrete unifo ...