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A pulsed source of high energy neutrons is used to irradiate the earth formations in the vicinity of a well borehole. Gamma rays produced by the inelastic scattering of the fast neutrons are observed in four energy regions of the gamma ray energy spectrum corresponding to the inelastic scattering of ...

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A method for the recovery of low API gravity viscous oils or bitumens from a subterranean formation by the injection of a mixture of an oxygen-containing gas and steam at a temperature corresponding to the temperature of saturated steam at the pressure of the formation.

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The invention relates to an improved method of and composition for the treatment of an incompetent formation penetrated by a wellbore to prevent the movement of sand particles from the formation to the wellbore during recovery of the formation fluids by forming a treating composition of sand, cement ...

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Improved method of and composition for the treatment of an oil-containing incompetent formation to prevent the movement of unconsolidated sand particles in an underground formation by forming a treating composition of sand, cement, silica flour and a sufficient amount of petroleum oil fraction conta ...

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A process is provided whereby a subterranean formation may be treated uniformly with acid at a controlled rate to a considerable distance from an injection point. The process includes an introduction of an acid which is solid but will slowly solubilize in water or brine in a subterranean formation. ...

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The subject process pertains to the secondary recovery of oil by the steam stimulation of an underground oil reservoir. As an added benefit, mechanical power and/or electrical energy may be simultaneously produced. In the subject process, raw fuel gas is first produced by the partial oxidation in a ...

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Viscous petroleum may be recovered from viscous petroleum-containing formations including tar sand deposits by injecting into the formation a gaseous mixture of a carrier gas and a solvent which is liquid at reservoir conditions, such as pentane, hexane, heptane, octane, carbon disulfide, etc., and ...

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One of at least two different spring filters comprises a helically grooved hollow mandrel with holes in the grooves and a helical spring closely fitted therearound. The pitch of the spring convolutions is opposite to that of the mandrel grooves so that the mandrel provides lateral support to the spr ...

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A method of transporting viscous hydrocarbons which involves introducing into a pipeline or well-bore with the viscous hydrocarbons a solution containing an anionic surfactant or soap such as sodium tridecyl sulfate or sodium oleate together with a guanidine salt and optionally with an alkalinity ag ...

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Viscous petroleum including bitumen may be recovered for subterranean petroleum containing unconsolidated said formations such as tar sand deposits by hydraulic mining. Hot water or steam is introduced into the subterranean deposit with sufficient velocity to dislodge bitumen and particles of sand t ...