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An apparatus and method for running a compression-type annulus packoff on a drill or other pipe string into an oil or gas well, setting the packoff without rotating the drill string, and then shifting the axial load of the drill string from the packoff to a casing hanger or other suitable well eleme ...

Andrew F Groh: Compact dust filter system. FMC Corporation, C E Tripp, February 8, 1977: US04007026 (80 worldwide citation)

An industrial sweeper has a filter unit in the debris hopper with the filter unit comprising rows of cartridges having pleated paper filter elements that are cyclically cleaned by reverse jet pulses of air without interrupting the filtering action by the main blower.

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A method and apparatus for installing a length of underwater pipe, such as a petroleum flowline bundle, between two subsea stations, for example a subsea oil or gas wellhead and a subsea manifold to establish a fluid conduit between these stations. The flowline bundle is transported by a surface ves ...

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A foldable two-piece boom is provided with an outer boom wing pivoted about an upright axis and being slidable relative to an inner boom arm which is pivoted to a frame member for both horizontal and vertical motion. A spring and cables in a mounting mechanism are arranged to permit the outer wing t ...

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A light projector mounted on a front wheel of a vehicle provides a pair of light beams. The first light beam is projected to a roof mirror mounted on an adjacent rear wheel and is reflected to a first target mounted with the projector on the front wheel of the vehicle. The toe angle of the front whe ...

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A restraint device which can be quickly and easily installed in a vehicle to restrain wheelchairs from moving in any direction. A base of the device bolts to the floor of a vehicle used to transport the physically handicapped. A pair of vertically inclined rods connected to the base are positioned o ...

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A transmission line having a pair of wires enclosed in a shield is used to simultaneously transmit high frequency signals and low frequency power between distant locations. At the sending end of the line a high frequency source is connected between the first and second wires by circuitry which preve ...

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An extensible cantilever boom assembly, for a mobile crane, has telescopically interfitting box-like boom sections, that include web or side plates of uniform thickness. These plates are shaped to provide increased stiffness, and openings are provided within some of the plates to reduce the plate we ...

Katsuji Hirahara: Continuous pressure cooking apparatus. FMC Corporation, C E Tripp, John F Verhoeven, January 1, 1980: US04181072 (35 worldwide citation)

A continuous cooking or sterilizing process employs apparatus wherein particulate foods are cooked under pressure in and by the cooking sauce with which the food is eventually packed in containers. The sauce is externally heated in a heat exchanger to the sterilizing temperature, and the food and sa ...

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An article wrapping machine has superposed shafts geared together that mount opposed rotary crimping heads for crimping the wrapping between the articles. A knife blade is radially movable in a slot in the upper crimping head and is projected into a recess in the lower crimping head for severing the ...