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A device comprised of at least a pair of accelerometers and a tilt sensor mounted in fixed relation to a datum defining plane (sole of a shoe) maybe used for extracting kinematic variables including linear and rotational acceleration, velocity and position. These variables may be resolved into a sel ...

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A robot suitable for micro-surgical application is formed by a robot arm having a position adjustable free end on which are mounted with their respective stators in fixed relationship a master and a slave robot. The position and actuation of the moving element of the master (master floater) and the ...

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A mouse controller includes a platform mounted on a base for a range of movement in a plane relative to the base of at least 1/2 inch (12.5 mm) in each of two different directions (preferably mutually perpendicular directions). A pair of flat, elongated coils (Lorentz voice coils) are mounted on the ...

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A method and equipment for producing an antibiotic loaded knee prothesis by custom molding a femoral prothesis in a removable mold from a settable material containing a selected antibiotic, applying the molded prothesis to the distal end of the femur, completing the set of the material to anchor the ...

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A force feedback velocity control measures the forces adjacent the end point of an arm being controlled and adjusts the stiffness of a manual controller in any one direction by scaling the end point force in the corresponding direction and adjusting the scaled force based on the degree of displaceme ...

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A XY control system for controlling vector movement in two mutually perpendicular directions (for example for computer cursor control, i.e. emulating a conventional computer mouse) uses a XY pressure sensitive digital pad or more preferably a XYZ pressure sensitive digital pad generating different s ...

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A disposable diaper constructed to keep the hydrophobic diaper facing sheet relatively dry by interposing a perforated plastic film between the facing and the absorbent pad.

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A system for producing ceramic or cermet material in a plasma type thermal reactor wherein a reactor flame and reactants are introduced into one end of a reaction chamber through which a concentric film of collecting liquid (oil) flows and empties at the opposite end into a pool of collecting liquid ...

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A custom made femoral component is made using the femoral cavity and an internal latex envelope as the mold. After the femoral cavity is worked into a roughly conical shape, an internal latex envelope is inserted into the cavity and filled with bone cement. An endoskeleton is inserted down the femor ...

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A method of reducing noise in video signal, by processing the pixels of a process frame of video signal in conjunction with a selected number of previously processed frames to determine values for target pixels in the process frame by applying a temporal motion detector to determine whether a target ...