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A universal cable and system are provided that includes a universal cable and miniature quick connectors with interchangeable ends. The system allows for easy construction of various desired cable configurations that may include USB and Firewire® computer architecture, and other electrical communica ...

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A flash memory device includes a flash memory drive with a quick connector in a housing. The quick connector is adapted to engage a cooperating quick connector of a selected one of a plurality of different interchangeable connectors. The interchangeable connectors each have standard connector for co ...

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A stent locating device that includes leading wires, a pushing rod for holding the leading wires, and a sheath for loading the pushing rod. The pushing rod includes inner and outer tubes. The inner tube is used as a guiding wire channel. An annular portion between the inner and outer tubes is used a ...

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A disposable absorbent sanitary article that includes sheets to form a pair of flaps and a pair of flaps. The sheets are folded along flap fold lines back onto themselves, respectively, to form free edge portions of the respective pairs of flaps. Elastic members are secured under tension to the shee ...

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A pants-type disposable wearing article has a holder means and an absorbent pad means. The absorbent pad means has a crotch region extending to a front and rear waist regions of the holder means and has longitudinal front and rear ends attached to the front and the rear waist regions. The absorbent ...

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Compounds, compositions and methods are provided for modulating the expression of glucagon receptor. The compositions comprise oligonucleotides, targeted to nucleic acid encoding glucagon receptor. Methods of using these compounds for modulation of glucagon receptor expression and for diagnosis and ...

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A body fluids absorbent article including an absorbent structure that includes a liquid-pervious topsheet, a liquid-impervious backsheet and a liquid-absorbent core disposed therebetween. The topsheet is divided into a first absorbent surface zone and a second absorbent surface zone. The first absor ...

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Elastically stretchable disposable pants that include first and second lateral waist regions, which are formed in at least a front waist region with substantially inelastic guide zones arranged intermittently in the longitudinal direction. The pants thus constructed can be smoothly pulled up to a de ...

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A topsheet for a disposable wearing article that is formed with a plurality of fine openings each having an area of about 0.16-5 mm

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A disposable surgical gown includes a main body including a front body and a back body; and sleeves extending from both sides of upper ends of the main body. The main body comprises a plurality of assembly sheets having air permeability and liquid non-permeability. The assembly sheets are bonded to ...