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The present invention relates to systems and methods for automatically and continuously regulating the level of nasal pressure to an optimal value during OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) treatment. OSA therapy is implemented by a device which automatically re-evaluates an applied pressure and continual ...

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A communications system in which information is transmitted in a plurality of time slots grouped into a plurality of superframes which are, in turn, grouped into a plurality of paging frames. A remote station receives paging messages once in each paging frame.

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An electronic meter reader having a transmitter and antenna for inductively transmitting alternating current power in any selected one of a plurality of frequencies. The reader further includes a receiver for inductively receiving meter reading data from the meter being read represented by a load mo ...

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An oxy-fuel burner according to the present invention includes an outer oxidant tube, an intermediate fuel tube and an inner oxidant tube which are coaxially arranged with the fuel tube disposed between the inner and outer oxidant tubes. Characteristics of the flame produced by the burner may be con ...

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Methods and compositions for staining based upon nucleic acid sequence that employ nucleic acid probes are provided. Said methods produce staining patterns that can be tailored for specific cytogenetic analyses. Said probes are appropriate for in situ hybridization and stain both interphase and meta ...

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A method for generating sentences of text for selected medical findings in an electronic medical diagnostic system is disclosed. First, a descriptive phrase for each medical finding is created. Each descriptive phrase is then analyzed to determine possible truncation points for modifying the descrip ...

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A method and apparatus for creating and using a reusable medical protocol to create a patient chart is provided. The protocol is created by selecting various medical findings from a database containing a plurality of coded medical findings, wherein the coded medical findings are grouped into several ...

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A method for treating wounds including contacting a wound with an effective wound healing amount of bioactive glass and topical antibiotic and composition for the accelerated healing of wounds and burns including particulates of bioactive glass and at least one topical antibiotic.

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The differentiation of preadipocytic cells into adipocytic cells, in particular for correcting insulin-resistance disease states in mammalian organisms, notably in humans, for example type II diabetes and cardiovascular disorders such as hypertension and atherosclerosis, is stimulated by treating su ...

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A motor-assisted hand-movable cart that can have an identical cart inserted into it in a space-saving manner, whereby the cart is provided with: a drive chassis having two front casters and two back casters; a pushing device; a storage device for goods; a support section below the storage device, on ...