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A bioprosthetic heart valve comprising a biological transplant on a frame nsisting of a supporting ring with struts extending therefrom over a toroidal surface and connected with said ring by arcuate portions of an additional ring, a covering made from a biologically inert material with an isolation ...

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A hollow wall fastener using a specially shaped or conventional toggle bolt and a toggle anchor which is pointed and which has an open groove for receiving the toggle bolt. The end of the groove has a threaded portion which cooperates with a threaded portion of an aperture opposite the groove to per ...

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Sustained release pharmaceutical composition of a solid medical material which contains an amorphous solid medical material, polyethylene oxide, and at least one basic substance selected from the group consisting of hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose, hydroxypropyl cellulose, methyl cellulose, polyvinyl ...

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Disclosed are polymeric compositions for manufacture of secondary electron multiplier tubes. The polymeric compositions may be provided by combinations of (1) insulating polymers having a high secondary yield, (2) conductive particles such as carbon black, graphite or metal particles which may be gr ...

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Novel .alpha.-aminomethylbenzyl alcohol derivatives, particularly .alpha.-aminoethyl-3-substituted amino-4-hydroxybenzyl alcohol derivatives. The compounds of this invention are useful as bronchodilating agents.

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A vending system is disclosed which is adapted to be installed in a hotel or the like for permitting the guests to buy articles in a refrigerator or vending machine in a guest room without use of coins. When a guest inserts his memory holder into a vending machine and selects an article, an article ...

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A common baseband digital signal is applied to a plurality of frequency modulators generating frequency modulated signals the carrier frequencies of which are equal to that of a common reference frequency oscillator, and the peak frequency deviations of the frequency modulated signals are made sligh ...

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A combination playpen and dressing/changing table, includes a frame including an upper frame assembly, a lower frame assembly, a plurality of corner legs, each leg having an upper end and a lower end, and connecting means for interconnecting the upper frame assembly to the upper ends of the corner l ...