Jean-luc Dubois
Jean Luc DuBois, Edmond Payen, Michel Fournier, Pascal Blanchard, Anne Griboval: Process for preparing water-treatment catalysts. Elf Antar France, Burgess Ryan & Wayne, July 18, 2000: US06090745 (10 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a method for preparing catalysts, containing metals of groups VI and VIII on a carrier. The metals of groups VI and VIII metals are introduced in the form of a compound of formula M.sub.x A B.sub.12 O.sub.40 in which M is cobalt and/or nickel, A is phosphorus, silicon and/or b ...

Jan E Lilja, Sven E L Nilsson: Cuvette for sampling and analysis. Aktiebolaget Leo, Burgess Ryan & Wayne, March 31, 1987: US04654197 (396 worldwide citation)

Disposable cuvette for essentially simultaneous sampling of a fluid and analyzing the sample. The new cuvette comprises a body member having at least one cavity defined by surrounding walls, into which cavity the sample is permitted to enter by capillary force through an inlet communicating said cav ...

Kenji Nakamura, Koji Nakamura: Resealable dispenser-container for wet tissues. Eluci Company, Burgess Ryan & Wayne, July 18, 1989: US04848575 (177 worldwide citation)

A resealable dispenser-container for wet tissues comprises a container, made of a flexible and impervious sheet, and a tray member, made of a material harder than said container. The container contains therein wet tissues impregnated with liquid in such a manner that they can be continuously taken o ...

Hajime Hiratani: Long-acting composition. Japan Chemical Research, Burgess Ryan & Wayne, September 2, 1986: US04609546 (159 worldwide citation)

A composition wherein a physiologically active polypeptide or a glycoprotein of human origin, for instance, urokinase, kallikrein or leukocyte interferon, is coupled to a polyoxyethylene-polyoxypropylene copolymer. The composition is effective in the human body for a prolonged period of time.

Vladimir S Kozlov, Gennady I Markov, Vladimir P Bugrov: Method and device for the diagnosis and treatment of nasal diseases. Burgess Ryan & Wayne, June 18, 1991: US05024658 (144 worldwide citation)

A device has an elongated body with a through longitudinally extending passage. An inflatable cuff is provided intermediate the ends of the body, and an inflatable vessel is secured to one end of the body and communicates with the passage. The cuff is mounted for movement on the body and a tube is r ...

Alexandr T Marchenko, Eduard A Bakai, Anatoly B Rikberg, Valery L Kutsevich, Alexandr N Zhukov, Alexei I Tsyganov, Alexandr V Semenov, Alexandr I Sugloba, Valery N Zaporozhan, Jury V Golubev: Cryo-ultrasonic surgical instrument. Kievsky Nauchno Issledovatelsky Institut Otolaringologii Imeni Professora Kolomiiobenka, Institut Fiziki Akademii Nauk Ukrainskoi SSR, Burgess Ryan & Wayne, July 16, 1985: US04528979 (134 worldwide citation)

In a common housing are disposed an ultrasonic transmitter electrically coupled to a generator of electrical ultrasonic oscillations, and a cryodestructor communicating with a source of coolant medium. The working portion of the cryodestructor is disposed within the source of coolant medium.

Kazuyuki Tanaka: Display processor for superimposed-picture display system. Matsushita Electric Industrial, Burgess Ryan & Wayne, May 22, 1984: US04450442 (128 worldwide citation)

A display processor for a raster-display type system comprising a display memory with the capacity of storing at least one page of video information to be displayed over the screen of a cathode-ray tube and a cathode-ray tube (CRT) control circuit which divides the frequency of the externally applie ...

Kenji Nakamura: Resealable dispenser-container. Burgess Ryan & Wayne, December 13, 1988: US04790436 (126 worldwide citation)

A resealable dispenser-container comprising: one or more containers, made of a flexible sheet; and a shape maintaining member, made of a material harder than the container.

Hiroshi Ochi, Nobuji Tetsutani: Method and apparatus for gray level signal processing. Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Public Corporation, Burgess Ryan & Wayne, October 15, 1985: US04547811 (117 worldwide citation)

A gray level signal processing method determines whether an image signal derived from an original document belongs to the character image area which needs high resolution or the continuous-tone image area which needs gray level reproduction such as for photographs, and quantizes the signal in a quan ...

Hiroitsu Kawata, Masayoshi Aruga, Tadayoshi Ohmura, Takashi Sonobe, Satoru Yoneya, Chiharu Sone: Sustained release pharmaceutical composition of solid medical material. Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical, Burgess Ryan & Wayne, September 13, 1983: US04404183 (115 worldwide citation)

Sustained release pharmaceutical compositions of a solid medical material which contains an amorphous solid medical material, polyethylene oxide, and at least one basic substance selected from the group consisting of hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose, hydroxypropyl cellulose, methyl cellulose, polyvinyl ...