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A security alarm system for selectively detecting and signalling abnormal or emergency conditions, such as robbery, assault, fire, smoke, burglary, medical emergencies, etc. in a home, apartment, institution, plant or other place of business via digitally-coded messages, to a central data station. T ...

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A security paper which contains a security device e.g. a strip, thread or planchette having at least two machine verifiable security features thereon, one of which is a magnetic material, which may be magnetically coded or printed in a predetermined pattern on the device, and a second of which is a ...

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A syringe assembly having a hollow barrel and a needle in communication with the barrel for receipt or discharge of material therethrough. A plunger is received within the hollow barrel. A cap member receives at least a portion of the barrel and locking members are provided for securing the barrel a ...

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A pipe coupling for application to plain end pipe and pipe pile by a driving force. It provides much greater tensile strength than the double sleeve type of pipe coupling disclosed and claimed in my U.S. Pat. No. 4,053,247 in that it provides greater strength under tension. In one embodiment, a pair ...

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In a method of making a cross-linked extruded product from polyethylene or other suitable polymer, the polymer is metered into a screw extrusion machine together with compounding ingredients comprising a hydrolysable unsaturated silane, a free-radical generator and a silanol condensation catalyst. T ...

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A ventilating tube and method are provided for maintaining a desired gaseous partial pressure in the middle ear comprising in combination a tube having an axial lumen, means on the tube holding the tube in place in a wall of the inner ear and a selective permeability membrane closing the tube lumen.

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An electromechanical device comprises a pair of like transducer units affixed to a bar having with the transducers natural frequencies of vibration so that one unit is nearer a node than the other. An impedance is connected in series with each transducer unit, and the two series circuits are paralle ...

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A window construction having fixed and movable frames and an associated latch assembly. The latch assembly includes a latch housing, a latch member reciprocable within said housing and a cam lock. The cam lock is rotatably mounted within the housing and has a first position wherein the cam lock urge ...

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An improvement in motorcycle frames having a generally closed configuration with generally horizontal upper and lower frame members and spaced generally front and rear vertical members transverse to and connecting said upper and lower members to form a closed configuration and a power unit in said f ...

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A rifle telescope is provided which may be of either the movable erector lens assembly type or the movable reticle assembly type and which provides resilient means in said tube biasing said assembly vertically and horizontally in said tube, an elevation adjustment means in said tube acting on said a ...