Alain Cardon, Yvon Kerdiles, Michel Boliveau, Denis Ansel, Jean Debuigne: Stent for transluminal implantation. Meadox France, Bucknam and Archer, January 24, 1995: US05383892 (530 worldwide citation)

A stent consisting of the alternate juxtaposition of axially rigid cylindrical parts and at least one axially flexible cylindrical part. The stent comprises two axially rigid cylindrical parts at its two ends, the axially rigid cylindrical parts being adapted to expand radially in plastic manner and ...

Guiseppe Bombardieri: Device for the automatic insulin or glucose infusion in diabetic subjects, based on the continuous monitoring of the patients glucose, obtained without blood withdrawal. Bucknam and Archer, January 6, 1987: US04633878 (373 worldwide citation)

A saline solution is pumped through a semi-permeable, hollow-fiber circuit implantable in a living body. A sensor determines the concentration of glucose in the solution. A microcomputer unit controls the supply of insulin and glucose to the body on the basis of the glucose concentration measurement ...

Min Hsiung Chen: Automatic luminosity control device for car and motor bicycle headlamps. Bucknam and Archer, December 10, 1991: US05072154 (227 worldwide citation)

A luminosity control device includes a photosensitive member to control the duty cycle of a square wave pulse oscillator. Then a high power switching tube and a high power gain tube are used to proceed with the luminosity control. Thus, when two cars meet, the luminosity of headlamps will automatica ...

Chin Yang Wang: Adjustable mobile phone holder. Bucknam and Archer, October 10, 1995: US05457745 (147 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an adjustable mobile phone holder comprising a lower housing, an upper housing, a left plate combination, a right plate combination, and a slide block. The lower housing matches with the upper housing; left and right left plate combinations are movably inserted into respective channels ...

Jack Lee: Pen-based form computer. Bucknam and Archer, September 13, 1994: US05347477 (144 worldwide citation)

A pen-based form computer using "Form" as the operation metaphor between users and the computer, which allows an user to directly operate the information stored in the computer or any remote systems without learning commands, file names, file types, and other details regarding computer internal stru ...

Luigi Bernardi: Wearable artificial pancreas. Ampliscientifica S R L, Bucknam and Archer, January 5, 1993: US05176632 (123 worldwide citation)

A device for the continuous quantitative determination of glucose in the blood of a diabetic patient over a period of 24-36 hours, comprises a container for a saline solution with heparin, a microdialyzing needle inserted into a vein of a diabetic patient, a pump for injecting the solution into the ...

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An apparatus for filtering a suspension by at least one aggregate of membranes made of a high molecular weight compound porous hollow fibers to separate a filtrate from the suspended matter contained in the suspension, backwashing the aggregate of membranes with a backwashing gas to clean it and min ...

Sigeaki Yokoyama, Tsunehiko Toyoda, Noriaki Okamura: Jet ink composition. Dai Nippon Tokyo, Bucknam and Archer, March 17, 1981: US04256493 (90 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a jet ink composition which comprises an aqueous jet ink containing a water-soluble dye, a wetting agent and water as main components and, incorporated therein, a water-soluble ultraviolet absorbing agent as well as a metal salt, when necessary.

Hiroshi Makishima, Tsunehiko Toyoda, Noriaki Okamura, Hirofumi Yano, Akira Mizoguchi, Yasutaka Hiromori: Ink composition for ink jet recording. Dai Nippon Toryo, Matsushita Electric Industrial, Bucknam and Archer, July 21, 1981: US04279653 (88 worldwide citation)

An ink composition for ink jet recording consisting essentially of a water-soluble wetting agent, water, a water-soluble dye and an oxygen absorber.

Akira Nakagawa, Satoru Miyata, Kenji Masuda: Foamable aerosol preparation. Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co, Bucknam and Archer, October 4, 1994: US05352437 (87 worldwide citation)

A foamable aerosol preparation for use as the base of cosmetics, quasi drugs, drugs, and so forth, which comprises 0.1 to 5 w/v % of a surfactant, 0.05 to 10 w/v % of a lower alcohol and/or a glycol, 3 to 25 w/v % of water, and 60 to 95 w/v % of n-butane gas. Despite of the use of n-butane gas as th ...