Michael Lubell, Stephen Marks: Health fitness monitor. Bruns and Wall, January 28, 1986: US04566461 (244 worldwide citation)

A heart rate monitor device suitable for use in monitoring aerobic exercise training, automatically calculates a fitness parameter for a subject by monitoring the subject's heart rate and pacing the subject through a submaximal exercise stress test protocol. A microprocessor in the device is fed dat ...

Patrick J Buttarazzi: Apparatus for dispensing medication. Bruns and Wall, October 15, 1985: US04546901 (228 worldwide citation)

Medication dispensing apparatus for hospital and nursing home use that can satisfy patient prescription requirements on a large scale. The apparatus includes a carriage for dispensing pills or other medication required by the prescription of a particular patient on command from a computer control sy ...

Dominick Danna, Richard W Newman: Image sensor assembly. Welch Allyn, Bruns and Wall, January 1, 1985: US04491865 (220 worldwide citation)

A compact image sensor package for use in an endoscope or borescope in which a lens system, a solid state image sensor and a circuit board are mounted in tandem within a cylindrical sealed housing. The assembly is positioned within the viewing head of the instrument so that an image of a given targe ...

Allan I Krauter, Fred C Cope, John H Bean: Biopsy seal. Welch Allyn, Bruns and Wall, March 17, 1987: US04649904 (204 worldwide citation)

A disposable seal is provided for a luer lock end fitting, e.g. for a biopsy channel of an endoscope. The fitting has a tubular luer lock device and a retaining ring surrounding the tubular device. The seal is unitarily molded of a soft elastomer and has a double seal arrangement formed of an apertu ...

Raymond A Lia, Robert L Vivenzio: Endoscope steering section. Welch Allyn, Bruns and Wall, October 20, 1987: US04700693 (158 worldwide citation)

A steering section for an endoscope or borescope employs a plurality of steering cables passing through peripheral bores in axially aligned flat washers. Spacer beads are strung on the cables between the washers to define hinges for the bending of the steering section. Pairs of hemispherical beads a ...

Stephen T Kowel, Philipp G Kornreich, Dennis S Cleverly: Adaptive liquid crystal lens. Syracuse University, Bruns and Wall, February 25, 1986: US04572616 (139 worldwide citation)

A liquid crystal adaptive lens system wherein the index of refraction profile of the liquid crystal is controlled electrically to bring entering light to focus.

Michael Gordon: Tester for measuring impulsivity, vigilance, and distractibility. Michael Gordon, Bruns and Wall, March 8, 1988: US04730253 (89 worldwide citation)

A small, portable and inexpensive apparatus, and a testing method using the same, are employed to obtain objective data about children to differentiate between hyperactive and non-hyperactive children. In a Delay Task, the child depresses a button, and after at least a predetermined delay interval d ...

Jeffery Salisbury: Anchor for mortarless block wall system. Bruns and Wall, April 28, 1987: US04660342 (72 worldwide citation)

An anchor for use in association with a mortarless block wall system for attaching facing to the outside of a wall. The wall includes a series of blocks placed in linear courses or rows with each block containing a pair of parallel sidewalls that are connected by lateral walls and at least one upwar ...

Philip H Howard: Low tack microsphere glue. International Cube Corporation, Bruns and Wall, January 22, 1985: US04495318 (70 worldwide citation)

Inherently tacky, elastomeric, solvent-dispersible, solvent-insoluble, polymeric microspheres prepared using a non-ionic emulsifier. The tacky microspheres are particularly adapted for use as a low tack microsphere glue that can be applied to a sheet material substrate whereby the latter is provided ...

Dominick Danna, Robert C Wheeler, Stanley R English: Connector module for video endoscopic system. Welch Allyn, Bruns and Wall, September 3, 1985: US04539586 (69 worldwide citation)

An interface module for a video endoscopic system that permits the insertion tube to be connected to and disconnected from a video processor quickly and easily whereby sterilizing the tube is simplified and the substitution of one tube for another is greatly facilitated. The connector module interfa ...