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A control system for operating functional devices over an AC power line which includes a transmitter for each functional device connected to the AC power line for generating coded signals for transmission over the power line, and a receiver for each functional device connected to the power line and ...

Nathan K Meckel, Benjamin B Meckel: Method for producing an inhomogeneous film for selective reflection/transmission of solar radiation. Deposition Technology, Bruno J Verbeck, Michael L Slonecker, March 30, 1982: US04322276 (64 worldwide citation)

A sputtered thin film coating characterized by a stepwise and/or variable refractive index as a function of film depth. By means of an in-line assembly of planar magnetrons, each magnetron essentially isolated from the others but for a region of sputtering overlap, select materials and combinations ...

William J Coates Jr: Method and apparatus for modulating the perceptible intensity of a light emitting display. Science Applications, Bruno J Verbeck, John L Haller, April 10, 1979: US04149111 (62 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for modulating the perceptible intensity of the presentation of a light emitting display which light emitting display emits light by gas discharge and recombination of ions and free electrons of a display medium; includes a system clock, the interruption of which causes the in ...

Dallas T Pence: Method for treating gaseous effluents emitted from a nuclear reactor. Dallas T Pence, Bruno J Verbeck, Michael L Slonecker, January 18, 1983: US04369048 (49 worldwide citation)

A method is disclosed herein for treating the gaseous effluents emitted from a nuclear reactor, said method being adaptable for treating either gaseous effluents produced during normal reactor operations or combustible and fission product gases released as the result of a nuclear reactor system fail ...

Floyd McCall: Fluid dispersing means. Bruno J Verbeck, Thomas R Juettner, March 14, 1989: US04812049 (47 worldwide citation)

An improved device for mixing and/or dispersing fluids, and useful as a component of fuel injectors, carburetors, oil burners, de-superheaters and gas coolers, and in the production of foams and emulsions.

Bruno J Verbeck: Test for a given constituent in a liquid. Miles Laboratories, Bruno J Verbeck, November 23, 1976: US03993451 (39 worldwide citation)

The device, for use in analysis of a sample of liquid material applied thereto, comprises a plastic film support having adhered to one surface thereof a reagent-containing layer, said reagent reacting with a component of said sample to produce a color change within said layer, said layer also contai ...

Edwin L Glazener: Constant positive pressure breathing apparatus. Bruno J Verbeck, Michael L Slonecker, April 14, 1981: US04261355 (36 worldwide citation)

An anesthetist's device for inducing constant positive pressure within the airway passages of a patient, adaptable for use with a mouthpiece, a mask, or in conjunction with an endotracheal tube. Said device comprises a hollow, cylindrical channel serving as a conduit for gases either spontaneously o ...

Kenneth M Kratsch, David A Eitman: Method for fabricating a reinforced composite. Science Applications, Bruno J Verbeck, Michael L Slonecker, February 24, 1981: US04252588 (35 worldwide citation)

An improved method for the fabrication of a reinforced composite. The method includes assembling rigid rods into a geometric structure such that all interstitial voids are interconnected, infiltrating the geometric structure with particles, impregnating the infiltrated geometric structure with an ap ...

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Disclosed herein is means adapted for use in combination with magnetically-enhanced sputtering devices whereby said devices are rendered more useful for sputter-coating substrates susceptible to heat-induced deterioration. Said means comprises a screen-like mesh or grid member disposed intermediate ...

Clyde N Richards: Electrostatic scrubber. Bruno J Verbeck, John L Haller, June 20, 1978: US04095962 (31 worldwide citation)

Small highly charged droplets are produced without concurrent production of corona by conducting a liquid to a nozzle having a tip from which droplets of the liquid can exit, and forming a substantially uniform electric field over the surface of the liquid on the tip, the field being large enough to ...