Feucht Robert H: Hose structure. The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Brunner F W, Yaist R P, December 24, 1974: US3856052 (58 worldwide citation)

A material transporting hose of integral construction having a body of flexible, resilient material which includes a pair of longitudinally reinforced portions disposed on opposite sides of the cross-section of the body. The portions include at least one elongated reinforcing member embedded therein ...

Cook Richard L: Self-sealing container. Goodyear Aerospace Corporation, Brunner F W, Wolfe J D, April 2, 1974: US3801425 (58 worldwide citation)

A fuel container which pertains more particularly to lightweight fuel containers such as the gasoline and jet fuel cells employed in aircraft and which are self-sealing when punctured by missiles, the container comprising an elastomeric laminate having a sealant composition positioned in said lamina ...

Slagel Edwin C: Protective shield. Goodyear Aerospace Corporation, Brunner F W, Wolfe J D, February 18, 1975: US3866242 (54 worldwide citation)

A protective shield such as those used to shield a person from bullets or missiles, said protective shield consisting of polyurethane about one-fourth to three-fourths inches thick, shaped in the contour of a clipboard, windshield for a vehicle, face shield and related article.

Woodling Gerald L: Transportation system. The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Brunner F W, Yaist R P, Lacher F K, March 18, 1975: US3871303 (43 worldwide citation)

A vehicle drive system in which acceleration and deceleration of vehicles between the high speed sections and low speed sections is provided by variable speed cables gripped by the vehicles and driven at gradually changing speeds. The vehicles may be driven in the high speed section by a single high ...

Hopper Roger J: Chlorothio-sulfonamide-modified rubbery terpolymers and their blends. The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Brunner F W, Young Jr H C, October 28, 1975: US3915907 (38 worldwide citation)

Chlorothio-sulfonamide-modified rubbery terpolymers having a low degree of unsaturation, mixtures of such modified terpolymers with highly unsaturated rubbery polymers and vulcanizates of such mixtures. The vulcanizates are particularly useful in the structure of pneumatic tire sidewalls.

Hirtreiter Arthur B, Kluss Karl K: Reinforced fluid spring. The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Brunner F W, Yaist R P, August 5, 1975: US3897941 (33 worldwide citation)

A flexible resilient tubular member of the type used in a fluid pressure system. The member has a hollow body of fabric-reinforced elastomeric material and includes a flexing portion on at least one of its peripheral ends and a non-flexing connecting portion extending between the flexing portion and ...

Waser Jr Harold R: Elastomer blends and tire sidewalls prepared therefrom. The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Brunner F W, Young Jr H C, August 20, 1974: US3830274 (32 worldwide citation)

An elastomer blend and pneumatic tire sidewall prepared therefrom where said elastomeric blend comprises specific amounts of cis 1,4-isoprene selected from natural and snythetic rubber, an ethylene-propylene-conjugated diene terpolymer, bromobutyl rubber and a cis 1,4-polybutadiene having a gel cont ...

Throckmorton Morford C, Saltman William W: Polymerization process. The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Brunner F W, Clowney J Y, Thompson R A, December 24, 1974: US3856764 (32 worldwide citation)

A process for producing cis-1,4 polybutadiene by contacting butadiene with a catalyst consisting of (1) at least one organoaluminum compound, (2) at least one nickel compound selected from the class consisting of nickel salts of carboxylic acids, organic complex compunds of nickel, nickel tetracarbo ...

Felten Gilbert A: Tire building drum. The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Brunner F W, Gill M L, June 11, 1974: US3816218 (31 worldwide citation)

A tire building machine including a drum having a set of radially movable segments at each end thereof and being covered with a cord reinforced rubber sleeve, a set of radially movable fingers are disposed adjacent the axially outer ends of the drum and an auxiliary drum including a turn-up bladder ...

Johnson David W, Kell Ralph W: Belt track for vehicles. The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Brunner F W, Yaist R P, January 7, 1975: US3858948 (29 worldwide citation)

A flexible endless belt for use on track vehicle with the belt having an inner surface and an opposite outer ground-contacting surface and including a plurality of stiffening members embedded in the body of the belt extending transversely across the width of the belt at least substantially at right ...