Kurtis S Willden, Kenneth N Goodno: Caul and method for bonding and curing intricate composite structures. The Boeing Company, Glenn D Bellamy, Bruce A Kaser, September 7, 1993: US05242523 (163 worldwide citation)

The invention disclosed here is a method for forming and curing an intricate structure of criss-crossing composite stringers and frames that are bonded to a skin panel. A structure constructed in accordance with the invention would be well-suited for use as a portion of an aircraft fuselage, a boat ...

Robert Thomasson: Shoe sole with twist flex feature. Delbert J Barnard, Bruce A Kaser, May 7, 1991: US05012597 (79 worldwide citation)

An athletic shoe sole (10) includes a twist flex portion (18) positioned generally below the ball region of the user's foot. The twist flex portion (18) is defined by intersecting diagonal grooves (20, 22, 24, 26) and diamond shaped cleats (44, 46) between the grooves. A truncated pivot ball (28) is ...

Alankar Gupta, Michael B McGrady, John B Tedor: Breathing system for high altitude aircraft. The Boeing Company, Bruce A Kaser, March 24, 1987: US04651728 (69 worldwide citation)

A breathing system (10) is provided for supplying physiologically acceptable breathing gas (oxygen partial pressure greater than that required to prevent hypoxia) to a pilot of an aircraft. The system (10) includes a breathing mask (12) connected to a pressure regulator (14). The pressure regulator ...

Milton R Jack, Quentin T Woods: Tool track for use on aircraft. The Boeing Company, Bruce A Kaser, July 25, 1989: US04850763 (62 worldwide citation)

A semi-automatic track drill for use in drilling fastener holes for an aircraft body includes a pair of generally spaced, parallel rails. A plurality of slider bars extend between the rails and are connected thereto in a manner so that each bar can be slid along the length of the rails. Positioned b ...

George E Lewis, Robert E Thomasson, David W Nelson: Wing lift/drag optimizing system. The Boeing Company, Bruce A Kaser, February 6, 1990: US04899284 (55 worldwide citation)

A wing camber command system (28) is provided for calculating the optimum camber of a wing (52) during aircraft operation. The wing (52) has at least one movable leading edge surface (42, 44) and at least one movable trailing edge surface (46, 48, 50) for varying wing camber, while maintaining smoot ...

Max C Pahmeier, Joseph D Edwards: System for removing toxic organics and metals from manufacturing wastewater. The Boeing Company, Bruce A Kaser, February 9, 1988: US04724084 (50 worldwide citation)

A system (10) is provided for treating wastewater discharged from airplane manufacturing operations. The system (10) includes a variety of sequential chemical adjustments to the waste stream which can remove substantially all toxic organics and heavy metals therefrom.

Curtis J Allina: Candy dispenser. Bruce A Kaser, January 12, 1993: US05178298 (47 worldwide citation)

The disclosed invention is a candy tablet dispenser shaped to simulate a beverage can, or the like. What would normally be the pop-top region of the can slides laterally outwardly and, at the same time, ejects a tablet from the top of a stack of tablets that is stored internally. The ejector portion ...

Henry J Miyatake, Seiya Sakurai: Propeller pitch control system and apparatus. The Boeing Company, Bruce A Kaser, May 27, 1986: US04591313 (46 worldwide citation)

A plurality of propeller blades are mounted to an axially elongated tubular propeller hub (H1). Each blade is rotatable in position about a radial axis. An electromechanical linear actuator (A1) is housed within the hub for rotating the blades to change their pitch. The actuator includes a rod membe ...

Ken L Bivin: Full field MICR encoder. Maverick Microsystems, Bruce A Kaser, November 25, 1986: US04624588 (44 worldwide citation)

A check encoder (11) for printing of full field MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) codes on checks, includes a check guide (19) and means for sensing the position of the check (25,27) in the check guide (19). A pair of fixed roller assemblies (29,31), coact with a pair of movable roller assem ...

James H Covey: Lightning protection of fasteners in composite material. The Boeing Company, Bruce A Kaser, December 9, 1986: US04628402 (42 worldwide citation)

An electrically conductive metal fastener (14) is positioned through an opening (22) in a first surface region (20) of a composite material (10). The first surface region (20) has a relatively low electrical conductivity. A conductive second surface region (32) of the composite material (10) is adja ...