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An environmentally controlled transportable container monitoring system including a data acquisition unit mounted to each container monitorable by the system, and a central microcomputer system located at a container storage site, e.g. a container ship or land based terminal, which communicates over ...

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A lighted mask for underwater divers utilizing a monochromatic blue-green LED light source secured to the mask directing light to the front of the face plate of the mask and having a push button control mounted on the mask for actuating the light source.

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A method and apparatus for locating containers in a container storage area and identifying the containers by means of their ID tags and identifying the address of the repository location of the containers in the container storage area and wirelessly transmitting the ID and address of the containers ...

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A universal disposable ECG sensor positioning device and method for use with electrocardiogram diagnostic equipment in which the mask has nine sensors, six of which can be used at any one time to provide three different sizes to accommodate varying sized human torsos.

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A rechargeable metal arc flashlight having a light generating assembly which utilizes a metal halide arc lamp mounted inside an elliptical reflector for focusing emitted light onto a diffusion screen. The flashlight utilizes a moveable collimating lens disposed in front of the screen to focus light ...

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A rotor blade for a horizontal axis wind turbine wherein a multiplicity of sucker rods are utilized internally of the blade root for securing the blade to the rotating hub of the turbine including the method of attaching the blade root to the hub and the method of making the blade root.

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A powered load carrier having a front wheel and rear driving wheels secured to a lower frame which supports a hinged upper frame that engage a detachable load carrying apparatus which is slideable on the upper frame between a rearward position where the load is disposed over the drive wheels and a f ...

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A portable data sensing and processing device for a SCUBA diver using a tank of compressed air wherein the device provides integrated information to the diver on a liquid crystal display screen to permit the diver to make a longer time variable depth underwater dive than would be permitted by the U. ...

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A raft for a rapid flow water course amusement ride having a generally circular shaped hull fabricated in two sections with a surrounding floatation bumper and separate redundant floatation material in the bottom of the hull. A multiplicity of inwardly facing high-backed seats are disposed around th ...

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An improved cap structure for a centrifuge tube including a flat roughened texture surface on the top thereof especially adapted to permit writing thereon with a variety of standard writing instruments.