Michael Lin 林立
USD 10,000,000 Li Lin: System and method of valuation of intellectual property. Hugh R Kress, Browning Bushman PC, April 19, 2007: US20070088645-A1

Intellectual property Exchange, its website www.IPEXL.com, consists of three separate exchanges, namely, intel-lectual property Stock Exchange, intellectual property Index Exchange and intellectual property Portfolio Exchange. Intellectual property Stock Exchange creates a market, which enables buye ...


Thomas A Newton Jr: Cutting elements for rotary drill bits. Browning Bushman Anderson & Brookhart, August 4, 1992: US05135061 (257 worldwide citation)

A preform cutting element for a rotary drill bit for use in drilling or coring holes in subsurface formations includes a cutting table 12, 13 of superhard material such as polycrystalline diamond. The rear face of the cutting table is bonded to a substrate 11 of less hard material, such as cemented ...

James K Grant, M Scott Bassett: Pension planning and liquidity management system. Coordinated Data Services, Browning Bushman, March 2, 1999: US05878405 (239 worldwide citation)

A pension-based liquidity management data processing system that supports participant decision making and flexibility with respect to loans, contribution rates, and retirement spending. The system utilizes a simple index to communicate the adequacy of current or planned states in the participants se ...


John Fuller, Joseph A Gasan: Rotary drill bit for use in drilling holes in subsurface earth formations. Reed Tool, Browning Bushman Zamecki & Anderson, December 26, 1989: US04889017 (220 worldwide citation)

A rotary drill bit for use in drilling holes in subsurface earth formations comprises a bit body having a shank at one end for connection to a drill string and an operating end face at the other end. A plurality of first cutting structures, each comprising a preform cutting element, is mounted in th ...


Anthony C Ross, Peter A Guagliano: Method of replacing nucleus pulposus and repairing the intervertebral disk. Browning Bushman, February 6, 2001: US06183518 (164 worldwide citation)

A process for repairing the annulus fibrosus, and replacing the nucleus pulposus. Removal of the nucleus pulposus and only as much of the annulus fibrosus and intervertebral disk as is necessary is performed. The tissue so removed is replaced by a material which is resilient, but non-dispersing upon ...

M Edward Evans, D Scott Costa, James N Brock: Expandable joint connector. Grant Prideco, Carlos A Torres, Loren G Helmreich, Browning Bushman P C, June 25, 2002: US06409175 (160 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus are provided for obtaining a secure mechanical connection and a pressure-tight seal in the overlapping area of two telescoping tubular bodies. The two bodies, including the overlapping area, are radially expanded to increase the inside diameter of the bodies. The expansion forc ...

Ronald C Beavis, Brian T Chait: Instrument and method for the sequencing of genome. The Rockefeller University, Browning Bushman Anderson & Brookhart, February 22, 1994: US05288644 (148 worldwide citation)

A method for DNA sequencing, and particularly for sequencing of the entire human genome. Different base-specific reactions are utilized to use different sets of DNA fragments from a piece of DNA of unknown sequence. Each of the different sets of DNA fragments has a common origin and terminates at a ...

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