Willis Howard R: Ramp loading motorcycle carrier rack. Brown and Martin, October 22, 1974: US3843001 (53 worldwide citation)

A carrier for motorcycles incorporating a sliding and tilting ramp. The motorcycle is driven or pushed onto the ramp which is then tilted horizontal and slid into a position aligned with the rear end of the vehicle on which the carrier is mounted.

Mohr Joseph J: Tennis ball pitching apparatus with anti-jamming ball feed mechanism. Brown and Martin, October 29, 1974: US3844267 (46 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for propelling tennis balls at timed intervals from a storage hopper. The hopper has the configuration of an inverted truncated cone. At the base of the cone and in a position to receive balls from the cone, is a rotating ball selector. The ball selector is driven through a clutch which di ...

Brucker Donald: Laser apparatus for fenestration of contact lenses. Continuous Curve Contact Lenses, Brown and Martin, September 3, 1974: US3833786 (38 worldwide citation)

Laser apparatus for fenestration of contact lenses by forming consistently precise perforations being normal to the adjacent surfaces of the lens and with the inside diameter of the perforations being larger than the outside diameter; and having smooth and effectively polished surfaces. A lens is he ...

Hare Glenn F: Cervical collar. Brown and Martin, November 26, 1974: US3850164 (37 worldwide citation)

A cervical collar having a pad of high density foam material with a shape to provide high pad support to the side of a user's head, with a narrow mid-portion that passes under the user's chin to support a user's head in an upright position. The pad has a hole in the mid-portion which is adjacent the ...

Girard Peter F: Vtol rotor wing drone aircraft. Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical a division of Teledyne, Brown and Martin, February 26, 1974: US3794273 (28 worldwide citation)

An aircraft capable of vertical take-off and landing and high speed cruis flight, utilizing a combine rotary and fixed wing. The wing has a large center body with three radial arms which are pivotal and controllable in the manner of helicopter rotor blades in the wing rotating operation, and incorpo ...

Goodman Mallard S: Detachable spiked shoe protective cover. Brown and Martin, May 28, 1974: US3812603 (26 worldwide citation)

A spiked shoe protective cover having a pad of deformable material shaped to conform to the sole and heel of a spiked shoe and having resilient strap members extending along the sides of said pad from the front to the rear with a central connecting strap that quickly and easily interconnects the str ...

Martinez Ysidore M: Knee implant device. Brown and Martin, November 19, 1974: US3848276 (18 worldwide citation)

A joint prosthesis particularly useful in total knee replacement, and capable of providing controlled motion about three axes corresponding to the capabilities of a normal knee. A dual centered pivot with contacting arcuate support blocks provides for a combination of rotational and translational mo ...

Rawson Donald E, Greene Norman D, Hoylman H Wayne: Heat flow transducer for thermal surveys. Brown and Martin, May 7, 1974: US3808889 (17 worldwide citation)

Heat flow transducer for use in measuring the geothermal heat flow in the earth. The transducer utilizes copper alloy flexible wire bundles at opposite ends of an elongated body to conduct heat from the strata surrounding a bore hole, into the body of the transducer, and through thermally conductive ...

Gene S Ray: Skiers warning device. Brown and Martin, July 14, 1981: US04278274 (15 worldwide citation)

A warning device for skiers includes an audible sonic generator mounted on a ski pole grip with an actuating button for activating the warning device.

Cracolice William N: Expansion trailer hitch. Brown and Martin, February 26, 1974: US3794355 (15 worldwide citation)

An expansion trailer hitch for use in towing a vehicle at either an extended position or a normal position. The hitch has particular applicability to the launching of small boats and enables the launching vehicle to back the boat into a sufficient depth of water to float the boat off the trailer, wi ...