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An implantable, bioresorbable vessel wall support, in particular a coronary stent, comprises a combination of metal materials which dissolves in the human body without any harmful effects on the person that wears the implant. The combination of metal materials can be an alloy or a local galvanic ele ...

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The method of the invention is based on an optimum combination of multi-carrier modulation with the spread-spectrum technique. The data of a subscriber station are spread, with the data of a subscriber station being modulated on a set of orthogonal spread sequences and superimposed. The data of a su ...

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A device for osteosynthesis of the fractures of the extremities of the femur comprises a plate in which holes are provided for the passage of screws intended to be inserted into the bone to make the fractured bone and the plate solid.

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A two ballooned catheter device comprising an inner catheter and an outer catheter slidable one with respect to the other, and a coaxial conduit connected to the proximal end of the outer catheter, a lateral conduit being connected to the outer catheter for introduction of a fluid into a periferal a ...

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A probe device for use in non-invasive optical measurements of at least one parameter of the patient's blood. The probe device comprises a finger holder in the form of a clip member that secures a fingertip between its clamping legs. The probe device supports a measuring unit for applying optical me ...

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Percutaneous administration of nicotine in a dose approximating the dose delivered by a variety of nicotine-containing products, such as cigarettes, cigars, snuff and chewing tobacco, is carried out using an occlusive pad. The nicotine is delivered so as to mimic the pharmacological effects of nicot ...

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A bone compression plate is provided with several sliding slits for countersunk bone screws having ball heads in the longitudinal dimension of the plate. Each sliding slit is countersunk in its end area opposite the fracture, the depth of which countersinking in the plate determines the final axial ...

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Apparatus for detecting tumors in living human breast tissue comprising apparatus for determining the dielectric constants of localized regions of living human breast tissue including probe apparatus comprising a multiplicity of probe elements, apparatus for applying an AC signal to the tissue, appa ...

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To extract and purify of polyunsaturated fatty acids, particularly EPA and DHA, without cis-trans conversion, from naturally occurring oils, such as marine animal oil and various vegetable oils a mixture of free fatty acids is first extracted from the oil. The resulting mixture of pure fatty acids i ...

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A multifocal lens having far and near vision zones is presented. The lens comprises a substrate in the form of a progressive addition lens and a modulation formed on a surface of the substrate. The substrate lens has far and near vision zones, selected in accordance with respective prescribed values ...