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A transmission incorporating a continuously variable ratio unit connected to further gearing, such that a plurality of regimes are available with synchronous shifting between regimes, is controlled such that to avoid hunting between regimes when the transmission is running at or around the synchrono ...

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A surgical device of the kind having a cannula fitted with a laterally extending wing or wings also includes a sheet of flexible material having an adhesive surface which is fixed to the wing or wings and is capable of folding forwardly beyond the wing or wings to engage the skin of the patient to h ...

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A sole for footwear, especially sports footwear, has a lower layer provided with transverse ribs and an upper shock-absorbing layer. The lower layer may be of natural rubber of Shore hardness from 55 to 60 and the upper layer of lower-density natural or synthetic rubber of Shore hardness about 40.

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An electronically controlled gaming machine having poker-like rules of play, the machine comprises a matrix of card memory stages in rows and columns, each memory stage having three conditions and an output which is energised in one of the conditions. An indicator device includes a plurality of indi ...

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A tobacco substitute which consists essentially of a complete fuel and at least one volatile substance impregnating said fuel, said volatile substance being capable of distilling or subliming without chemical change, and said fuel consisting essentially of combustible, flexible and self coherent fib ...

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Device for stimulating the heart comprises means for producing stimulating pulses at regular intervals and means responsive to spontaneous heart signals for controlling the transmission of said pulses to the heart in dependence upon the timing and magnitude of the spontaneous heart signals and/or th ...

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Device for storing two products separately and dispensing them simultaneously comprises a necked container, a covered flanged cup sealed in the neck with its flange lying on the rim of the neck, a trocar above the cup in alignment therewith, removable tear-strip for holding the trocar away from the ...

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The electroconductive composite ceramics composed of an independent phase conglomerates having a particle diameter of at least 20.mu. and a continuous phase connecting mutually the independent phase of conglomerates. Particularly, electroconductive composite ceramics composed of (A) 50-98% by weight ...