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A robust, low-loss wired pipe joint is provided for service as a component of a wired pipe string for transmitting measurement data to a surface station from locations in a borehole in oil well drilling and oil well operations. Conductive layers reduce signal energy losses over the length of the dri ...

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A tubing is used in a well bore capable of furnishing a well fluid. The tubing has an annular member having a passageway. The tubing has at least one port that is connected to detect a composition of the well fluid and control flow of the well fluid into the passageway based on the composition.

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A conveyance apparatus for conveying at least one logging tool through an earth formation traversed by a horizontal or highly deviated borehole. The conveyance apparatus comprises a pair of arcuate-shaped cams pivotally mounted to a support member, a spring member for biasing the arcuate surface of ...